Friday, September 22, 2017


Hello and welcome back.. Do you own a Uniden UBC126AT?

I have made a frequency list for this scanner. The list makes use of the 500ch analogue capability of this wicked scanner.

The Frequency File on offer is

1 - Rural Fire inc Aviation & Fireground
2 - Rescue inc Rescue Helicopters & Fire Brigade back chs
3 - Military inc Richmond RAAF
4 - Local Frequency's
5 - Local Airports
6 - Sydney Airport
7 - Aircraft Company's
8 - Blank
9 - Marine
10 - 40 Ch UHF CB

I have left bank 8 blank in-case you want to add your own frequencies.

All up, this Uniden Based file will save hours of your time

Asking price is just $35. Just click on the 'Shout me a Coffee Fund' on the top right corner and in notes please state programming UBC126AT scanner, suburb (for local bank)

In return, an email with full instructions, software & drivers (free from Uniden) and a scanner Master File for your area.

Programming for other scanners inc
UBCD325P2 (using latest version of Freescan)
Are available HERE 

Many Thanks



Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Just a quick message to let you know that the NSW Rural Fire Page has been updated for 2017 Season CLICK HERE TO VIEW

link =

Even know the 2017 fire season has started a month early, lets hope its a quiet one.

Stay Safe

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Hello and welcome back.. Part 3 of RFS Helicopters

This chopper was interesting to photograph..

Its a Aerospatiale AS-350B Squirrel (ex NPWS) and has a distinctive Thermal Camera attached at the front on the passenger side skid.

What was interesting about this helicopter was halfway through taking a few photos, a RFS person who seemed to be a tad pissed at me taking photos of this helicopter, asked me not to take photos of the Thermal Camera. I thought he was joking..

He wasn't...

I didn't get to ask why as he walked away talking on his phone.. Interesting

Cockpit View

Stunning Bird



Hello and welcome back... Part 2 looks at Helitack 201 / 202 RFS Helicopters

Both are BK117 Kawasaki Helicopters.

I was lucky enough to have one of the pilots show me around this amazing bird, which i was most grateful.

All photos by Michael Bailey

Cockpit view

Enough room to swing a cat

Engine Bay

 Getting ready for take off

In the Air - Possibly the best photo that I've taken.
I Put the shutter speed on 1/60 to slow the blades down and to capture a sharp image.. hard to do when moving.

Normal image giving that frozen blade look.


This chopper was over in the distance and is the same type as Helitack 201 - A Kawasaki BK117

A bit Dusty.. cough, cough

Tried the blade effect but not as sharp as the photo above..

Helitack 202 fly over


Friday, September 8, 2017


Hello and welcome back.. Yesterday, I got the chance to go to a display at Winmalee oval (see previous post) in which the Rural Fire of NSW was holding a function for what I thought was a display for the public.

It seems it wasn't.

It was a display for the Commissioner of Rural Fire 'Shane Fitzsimmons' who showed up just before lunch and a few other important people's

Lucky for me, I got there about 10am and was able to have a peek at these amazing machines that will be keeping us safe this summer before things got all serious.

Remote Area Operations truck - this unit allows people on the ground to see Thermal Imaging taken from Helicopter 'Firebird 200' attached camera.


This stunning Helicopter know as Firebird 200 is a Aerospatiale AS-350B Squirrel.

The front passenger skid has a large thermal camera attached so firefighters can see the intensity of the fire from above.

RFS helicopter 'Helitack 201' is a Kawasaki BK117.

RFS helicopter 'Helitack 201' is also a Kawasaki BK117

A more in-depth  look will follow in parts 2 / 3

All photos by Michael Bailey


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Have the day off tomorrow?

Head to Summerhays Park, Winmalee (near Springwood) Blue Mountains to watch several Helicopters go through their paces (Sept 7th)

The display will be between  9am - 3.30pm

Read more HERE =

NPWS Heli    122.8500
NPWS Heli    123.8500
NPWS Heli    124.0500
NPWS Heli    125.4500
NPWS Heli    130.6500
NPWS Heli    134.7000
RFS Heli    119.1000
RFS Heli    128.7000
RFS Heli    123.6500
RFS Heli    132.5500
RFS Heli    118.1500
RFS Heli    124.4500
RFS Heli    130.5500
RFS Heli    133.2000
RFS Heli    124.2500
Air to Air    123.4500
Fire Tac Comms    450.4125

Hope to see you there.



Friday, September 1, 2017

HELI-EXPO 2017 - TEXAS (Fly in-Fly out)

Hello and welcome back... For Helicopter Lovers out there.

Fly in and Fly Out from Texas Helicopter Expo 2017.

Go HD and then Full Screen and Play Loud.


This video is amazing... How low is too low?

He might as well land on the highway...

Select 720p then go full screen :)


Hello and welcome back... Pics of Westpac Rescue New Helicopter (Augusta Westland AW139) in a stunning paintwork design.

Looks better than the plain white Toll Rescue Helicopter me thinks.

Westpac Rescue - 484.9500Mhz
Westpac Base - 474.8625Mhz
Westpac Base - 475.100Mhz

Thank You to the owners of these photos - Found on Facebook


Wicked photo showing a Chinook Helicopter in a down facing position at an airshow.

Makes for an impressive photo...


Hello and welcome back... Handy chart to gauge the best place to put your antenna on your car. Sometimes, a badly placed antenna can actually make you lose gain.

Some new cars don't leave many spaces to mount an antenna.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Hands up if you have ever heard of Hatzolah Ambulance Service...

If your Jewish, then yes you have, but if your not Jewish then probably you have never heard of these guys.

So what is Hatzolah and what do they do?

Hatzolah (Hebrew word for Rescue?) is a volunteer, non government funded Ambulance service.

They have specialist medical training and often can respond to incidents faster than the standard NSW Ambulance Service depending where you live.

They also are there to serve the Jewish community (and their needs) as well as other patients and will often act as a bridge/backup between an incident and Ambulance arrival.

Hatzolah are huge in America, some of their trucks have to be seen (and heard) to be believed.
Lets just say you didn't see or hear them coming with a lights and siren combo that puts the Ghostbusters car to shame...Sorry Ecto-1

Check out those air horns..

They also serve in the U.K and South Africa? and also have stations in Melbourne and Sydney (east).

Here in NSW, Hatzolah communications are surprisingly enough on the GRN (Government Radio Network), surprising because they are not Government funded or have anything to do with the Government.
Hatzolah are fully funded by the Jewish community and have been since 2006.

10381     Hatzolah Net 1
10382     Hatzolah Net 2
10383     Hatzolah Net 3
10384     Hatzolah Net 4
10385     Hatzolah Net 5
10386     Hatzolah Net 6
10387     Hatzolah Net 7
10388     Hatzolah Net 8
10389     Hatzolah Net 9
10390     Hatzolah Net 10


check out at 2.40... (Get out of my way)

Personally, I have yet to see or hear Hatzolah in real life but believe they are working the miles around Bondi / Sydney's East.
Then again, i don't get out much :(

A NSW Hatzolah Medical Car.



Friday, August 18, 2017


Hello and welcome back... One of my fav things to listen to is STA Buses. Between the accidents, muggings, stabbings, traffic problems, idiot passengers that refuse to get off the bus (yes it happens), drunks, fires, breakdowns.. You name it, it happens on Government Buses.

Best of all, they still transmit in good old analogue so any old scanner can receive them.

Not only that, it gives you a real good insight of what Government bus drivers have to go through on a daily basis, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Some of the other buses in this list (ComfortDelGro Cabcharge) or CDC run digital communications (DMR) and only new scanners inc UBCD436PT, UBCD325P2 (handhelds) and UBCD536-PT (desktop) will be able to decode.
Those with UBCD396XT (me included), best stick to STA Government buses.

Metrolink Bus    163.9750   
Airbus Shuttle    164.9250   
Entrance Bus      164.4250  
Entrance Bus      163.2625  
Holroyd Bus       490.8000  
Campsie Bus      168.5950  
Campsie Bus      163.2750  
Marickville Bus    495.000
Cabcharge    495.0125   
Cabcharge    464.9750   
Cabcharge    507.0875   
Cabcharge    491.1125  
Cabcharge    450.2000   
Cabcharge    163.4875   
Cabcharge    163.7875   
Cabcharge    474.5000
STA Bus    485.6000   
STA Bus    485.9000   
STA Bus    486.2000   
STA Bus    486.1750   
STA Bus    486.5000      
STA Bus    485.7250  
STA Bus    472.4500  
STA Bus    472.8500  
STA Bus    473.3375  
STA Bus    473.7500  
STA Bus    474.1500  
STA Bus    470.3125  
STA Bus    472.5500  
STA Bus    474.0375  
STA Bus    474.7625
STA Greenacre    485.5750    
STA Bondi          485.9250   
STA Various       485.6250  
STA Seaforth     486.2250   
STA Willoughby    471.4875   
STA Various    471.4875   
STA Various    494.5250   
STA Horsley prk    494.3250   
STA Pennant hill    486.4500  
STA Pennant hill    486.4750   
STA Pennant hill    473.4875   
STA Pennant hill    474.0625  
STA Pennant hill    474.7750   
STA Bondi    470.1000   
STA Bondi    471.0000   
STA Greenacre    477.9625   
STA Greenacre    473.5875   
STA Bilgila Plat    471.0500   
STA Seaforth    470.8000

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Some of the things bus drivers deal with including below

Have a good weekend radio lovers :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hello and welcome back... News this morning that North Korea is looking to launch an attack on the U.S island of Guam after America threatened to do the same to North Korea has the world on edge.

For those that don't know where Guam is, its just off and up the coast of Western Australia.

Whats interesting to note is that old style forms of communications is now becoming an efficient way of communicating to its people and other interests.
Even our own Military are finding new uses of Shortwave radio (see here)

While on the Internet with everything we do and say is being monitored, Shortwave radio is running hot.
Not only does Shortwave Radio allow listeners to hear news as it happens, its also useful for sending messages across the globe, sometimes in code (see previous post)

Here are some frequencies from the North that you may be able to pick up. Some transmissions are in English

2350 kHz (2.35Mhz) - 5kW
2850 kHz (2.85Mhz) - 50 kW
3220 kHz (3.22Mhz) - 5 kW
3319.7 kHz (3.319Mhz) - 50 kW
3959 kHz (3.959Mhz) - 5 kW
6100 kHz (6.10Mhz) - 250 kW
6400 kHz (6.40Mhz) - 50 kW
9665 kHz (9.665Mhz) - 50 kW
11680 kHz (11.680Mhz) - 50 kW

3250 kHz (3.25Mhz) - 100 kW
3560 kHz (3.56Mhz) - 15 kW
6070 kHz (6.07Mhz) - 250 kW
6170 kHz (6.17Mhz) - 200 kW
6185 kHz (6.185Mhz) - 200 kW
7210 kHz (7.21Mhz) - 200 kW
7220 kHz (7.22Mhz) - 200 kW
7235 kHz (7.235Mhz) - 200 kW
7570 kHz (7.57Mhz) - 200 kW
7580 kHz (7.58Mhz) - 200 kW
9425 kHz (9.425Mhz) - 200 kW
9435 kHz (9.435Mhz) - 200 kW
9445 kHz (9.445Mhz) - 200 kW
9650 kHz (9.65Mhz) - 200 kW
9731 kHz (9.731Mhz) - 200 kW
9850 kHz (9.85Mhz) - 200 kW
9875 kHz (9.875Mhz) - 200 kW
9890 kHz (9.89Mhz) - 200 kW
11635 kHz (11.635Mhz) - 200 kW
11645 kHz (11.645Mhz) - 200 kW
11710 kHz (11.710Mhz) - 200 kW
11735 kHz (11.735Mhz) - 200 kW
11910 kHz (11.91Mhz) - 200 kW
12015 kHz (12.015Mhz) - 200 kW
13650 kHz (13.65Mhz) - 200 kW
13760 kHz (13.76Mhz) - 200 kW
15105 kHz (15.105Mhz) - 200 kW
15180 kHz (15.180Mhz) - 200 kW
15245 kHz 15.245Mhz) - 200 kW

kW = Kilowatts (transmitting power)


For up to date times i use this App called SWBC Sked

For Android Click Here

For Apple Devices Click Here

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Hello and welcome back... Interesting piece of news for shortwave lovers.

It all starts between midnight and-1am with a rendition of Bethhoven's piano Sonata No8, then a female voice reads messages including various numbers, pages and other tid bits of info
(eg - Number 69 on page 823... I'm giving review works in elementary information  technology lessons of the remote education university for number 27 expedition agents).. all very interesting.

Then a different song plays and then a different message will start (maybe a song is for a particular agent and then the message that follows if for that agent?)

I find this sort of stuff fascinating and if you have a good shortwave radio, you should be able to pick this up (North Korea) is just above us.. sorta kinda.


3250Khz (3.25Mhz)
3320Khz (3.32Mhz)
6400Khz (6.40Mhz)

Station 3250Khz outputs 100KW
Station 3320Khz outputs 50KW
Station 6400Khz outputs 50KW

This 'Numbers' station was shut down in year 2000 but with the shit storm between North Korea and the rest of the world, the messages have started again.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Found Pics on the internet that caught my eye.... (some have been wallpapers on my computer :)

Many thanks to the owners of said photos...


Awesome pics of V22 Osprey's flying over Sydney Harbour during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017
(make good wallpapers for your computer :))

Found on Facebook, many thanks to the owners of said photos.


Hello and welcome back...Interesting video this.

Every runway in the world is numbered...twice. These two numbers are closely linked to a shifting magnetic north, but are essential for airports to direct traffic through all the different runways.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Big weekend just past with the 150 years of Train Travel in the Blue Mountains.

I managed to grab my camera and get some photos of these amazing locomotives. To my surprise, the other end of the 3642 Steam was a 4204 Diesel (or what i call a Bull Nose Diesel). I used to catch this train from Cambelltown NSW to Central on the weekends (late 80s / early 90s).
The best thing about this train was that it only stopped at 2 stations (Liverpool & Strathfield) before arriving at Central.
It also used to fly through Macquarie Fields Railway Station in 2-3 seconds flat...

 Love this Beast - 4204

And this Beast 2 - 3642

I would like to dedicate the photo above to my best friend / mate - Damien Rowe who passed away from bowel cancer. He was 29.
Last time i photographed this train, Damien was beside me taking photos and discussing / comparing photo captures of this amazing train.
I felt that he was beside me in spirit this time.
RIP Damien. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Train Buffs will love this.

This weekend (Fri 21st - Sun 23rd July 2017) sees the marking of 150 years of Train Travel in the Blue Mountains, NSW and to celebrate the occasion you can...

1 - (Friday) Catch A Steam Train (3642) from Central to Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains (one way only) leaving Central at 10am and arriving Wentworth Falls at 12.20pm. (Update - Sold Out)

2 - (Saturday) Catch a Steam Train (3642) from Penrith to Valley Heights and Return.
Four trips are leaving Penrith - 9.25am, 11.25am, 1.25pm & 3.25pm.
Journey is about 70mins in total.

3 - (Saturday) Catch a 'Red Rattler' (Electric Set F1) from Penrith to Blacktown and return.
Four trips are leaving Penrith - 9.25am, 10.25am, 12.15pm & 2.10pm.
Journey is around 50mins
Special Note - One of the Carriages is the first original train to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge back in 1932

4 - (Sunday) Catch a Steam Train (3642) from Lawson to Katoomba, (Blue Mountains) and return.
Four trips are leaving Lawson - 10.30am, 11.35am, 1.05pm & 2.25pm.
Journey time is 1 hour.

LINKS  (info and ticket purchase)

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Isn't she Beautiful?

Remember the days?