Friday, August 25, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Hands up if you have ever heard of Hatzolah Ambulance Service...

If your Jewish, then yes you have, but if your not Jewish then probably you have never heard of these guys.

So what is Hatzolah and what do they do?

Hatzolah (Hebrew word for Rescue?) is a volunteer, non government funded Ambulance service.

They have specialist medical training and often can respond to incidents faster than the standard NSW Ambulance Service depending where you live.

They also are there to serve the Jewish community (and their needs) as well as other patients and will often act as a bridge/backup between an incident and Ambulance arrival.

Hatzolah are huge in America, some of their trucks have to be seen (and heard) to be believed.
Lets just say you didn't see or hear them coming with a lights and siren combo that puts the Ghostbusters car to shame...Sorry Ecto-1

Check out those air horns..

They also serve in the U.K and South Africa? and also have stations in Melbourne and Sydney (east).

Here in NSW, Hatzolah communications are surprisingly enough on the GRN (Government Radio Network), surprising because they are not Government funded or have anything to do with the Government.
Hatzolah are fully funded by the Jewish community and have been since 2006.

10381     Hatzolah Net 1
10382     Hatzolah Net 2
10383     Hatzolah Net 3
10384     Hatzolah Net 4
10385     Hatzolah Net 5
10386     Hatzolah Net 6
10387     Hatzolah Net 7
10388     Hatzolah Net 8
10389     Hatzolah Net 9
10390     Hatzolah Net 10


check out at 2.40... (Get out of my way)

Personally, I have yet to see or hear Hatzolah in real life but believe they are working the miles around Bondi / Sydney's East.
Then again, i don't get out much :(

A NSW Hatzolah Medical Car.



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