Friday, August 18, 2017


Hello and welcome back... One of my fav things to listen to is STA Buses. Between the accidents, muggings, stabbings, traffic problems, idiot passengers that refuse to get off the bus (yes it happens), drunks, fires, breakdowns.. You name it, it happens on Government Buses.

Best of all, they still transmit in good old analogue so any old scanner can receive them.

Not only that, it gives you a real good insight of what Government bus drivers have to go through on a daily basis, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Some of the other buses in this list (ComfortDelGro Cabcharge) or CDC run digital communications (DMR) and only new scanners inc UBCD436PT, UBCD325P2 (handhelds) and UBCD536-PT (desktop) will be able to decode.
Those with UBCD396XT (me included), best stick to STA Government buses.

Metrolink Bus    163.9750   
Airbus Shuttle    164.9250   
Entrance Bus      164.4250  
Entrance Bus      163.2625  
Holroyd Bus       490.8000  
Campsie Bus      168.5950  
Campsie Bus      163.2750  
Marickville Bus    495.000
Cabcharge    495.0125   
Cabcharge    464.9750   
Cabcharge    507.0875   
Cabcharge    491.1125  
Cabcharge    450.2000   
Cabcharge    163.4875   
Cabcharge    163.7875   
Cabcharge    474.5000
STA Bus    485.6000   
STA Bus    485.9000   
STA Bus    486.2000   
STA Bus    486.1750   
STA Bus    486.5000      
STA Bus    485.7250  
STA Bus    472.4500  
STA Bus    472.8500  
STA Bus    473.3375  
STA Bus    473.7500  
STA Bus    474.1500  
STA Bus    470.3125  
STA Bus    472.5500  
STA Bus    474.0375  
STA Bus    474.7625
STA Greenacre    485.5750    
STA Bondi          485.9250   
STA Various       485.6250  
STA Seaforth     486.2250   
STA Willoughby    471.4875   
STA Various    471.4875   
STA Various    494.5250   
STA Horsley prk    494.3250   
STA Pennant hill    486.4500  
STA Pennant hill    486.4750   
STA Pennant hill    473.4875   
STA Pennant hill    474.0625  
STA Pennant hill    474.7750   
STA Bondi    470.1000   
STA Bondi    471.0000   
STA Greenacre    477.9625   
STA Greenacre    473.5875   
STA Bilgila Plat    471.0500   
STA Seaforth    470.8000

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Some of the things bus drivers deal with including below

Have a good weekend radio lovers :)

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