Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Have the day off tomorrow?

Head to Summerhays Park, Winmalee (near Springwood) Blue Mountains to watch several Helicopters go through their paces (Sept 7th)

The display will be between  9am - 3.30pm

Read more HERE =

NPWS Heli    122.8500
NPWS Heli    123.8500
NPWS Heli    124.0500
NPWS Heli    125.4500
NPWS Heli    130.6500
NPWS Heli    134.7000
RFS Heli    119.1000
RFS Heli    128.7000
RFS Heli    123.6500
RFS Heli    132.5500
RFS Heli    118.1500
RFS Heli    124.4500
RFS Heli    130.5500
RFS Heli    133.2000
RFS Heli    124.2500
Air to Air    123.4500
Fire Tac Comms    450.4125

Hope to see you there.



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