Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Hello and welcome back... This is a great idea.

If you love traveling this great vast land that is Australia and have a HF (Shortwave) transmitting radio in your vehicle then you are able to, in times of emergency, access the 'Australian Travelers Net'.

What is The Australian Travelers Net?

Its a service that is monitored 24hrs by Amateur radio operators (mainly The Wireless Institute of Australia) and other volunteers.

There are two frequencies in operation being 14.116MHz & 21.185 MHz.

The 14.116 MHz is manned from 0200 UTC daily for check ins (Call Back Time is 0300 UTC)
The 21.185 MHz is manned from 0400 UTC daily for check ins (Call Back Time is 0500 UTC)

From the webpage = The Australian Travellers Net operates 365 days of the year to provide a mantle of safety for Amateurs travelling long distances often in remote areas of Australia.

This service is also available to Amateurs that are Maritime Mobile.

Phone numbers are available to anyone who wishes to send a message to travellers or inquire about their whereabouts. (Refer to contact list below) Urgent traffic will be given priority over Stations checking in.

LINKS (Find out more)

*** TIP = Also good for scanner users to put the 2 frequencies into your scanner (listen to emergency's as they happen)

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