Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Just a quick post to let you know that Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport page has been updated... CLICK HERE

Various additions including CTAF and Radar frequencies for North (Williamtown), West (Katoomba) and South (Wollongong).
Also updates to Sydney Air HF (shortwave) frequencies.
Plane spotting video added.



Friday, June 23, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Got a chance to catch up with Rob Eade, a Vietnam Veteran, his faithful companion 'Ginge' and a wicked looking trike.

Rob Eade is on a quest... To commemorate fallen Australian war veterans around Australia on a wicked looking 3 wheeled trike.

Starting in W.A, Rob is placing a flag at the birthplace of everyone who has lost their lives through the Vietnam War and further on. Placing almost 600 flags around Australia is no mean feat so joining him on his journey is his faithful companion - a red healer named Ginger (aka 'Bitch') (pic below)

Rob Eade's trip is self funded, he sold everything he owned after being inspired by an 21yo American veteran Mike Ehredt who ran (yes ran) across the USA placing flags to honour fallen soldiers.

The trike is custom made and is fitted out with a 80ch UHF CB Radio for comms and a GPS.

Rob is currently headed up the North Coast of NSW, so if you see him out and about, stop and say 'HI'

Also if you can fit him out with a night's accommodation, give him a shout through the links below. I know he will greatly appreciate it. Must be Puppy Friendly as where his dog sleeps is where Rob sleeps even if its in a horse stable as has happened in the past. (Rob is currently in the Grafton area)






Hello and welcome back.. Interesting story.

Nothing to listen to on your scanner lately? Why not try to listen to the Planet Jupiter, playing all the hot hits...Well, Ok, not hot hits but you can listen to it.

Using a SDR setup (computer) and tuning into 22119khz (22.119mhz), the user of the video below was using a large Ukrainian Telescope installation consisting of an array of 2040 dipoles. While this is super effective you can still pick up the signal just using a standard dipole tuned to 20mhz.

The planet Jupiter is know to emit bursts of noise via natural 'radio lasers' powered partly by the planets moons. When Jupiter is high in the sky and the Earth passes through one of these radio lasers, the noise bursts can be received on Earth quiet easily with an appropriate antenna.

Give it a Go


https://radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov/telescope/rj_receivers.htm (make your own receiver)




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Hello and welcome back... Nice pic of lightning (enemy of radio enthusiasts) found on Facebook.

Looks like the lightning is going from ground up...

Credit to Max Olson, the photographer who took these amazing shots.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Update on Radio Reference website this week

124.1500  NETS Westmead
463.5000  Childrens Hospital
463.7750  Liverpool Hospital
469.4750  Childrens Hospital
470.2750  Nepean Hospital Security (confirmed)
470.6000  Nepean Hospital
485.8500  Bankstown Hospital
487.1750  Children Hospital
487.2000  Westmead Hospital
488.9000  Westmead Hospital
488.9500  Westmead Hospital
489.9000  Westmead Hospital

The problem with the list above is that its old, with some of the frequencies above no longer in use... Also some are paging frequencies and some are point to point links (data links)

So i spent half a day searching for current frequencies and came up with the list below, also i have left out Data links and paging frequencies.
Some hospitals in NSW are connected to GRN (to talk to rescue helicopters), some even have their own Air Frequency assigned to them.. Interesting.


St George - 412.700
                 - 120.250 (AM mode)

St George Private - 509.8125

Calvary Public - 412.600 (Canberra)
                         - 412.875

Manly - 422.675

Forensic Hospital - 487.950 (Malabar)
                             - 509.850
                             - 509.8875

Norwest Private - 492.4125

Mona Vale - 467.5625 (Ryde)
                  - 120.250 (AM mode)

Wollongong Private - 462.975

Bowral - 494.950

Waratah Private - 509.825 (Hurstville)

James Fletcher - 415.200 (Newcastle)

RPA - 412.5375 (Camperdown)
        - 412.875

Cumberland - 469.700 (30th June 2017 - Surrender licence)
                     - 469.650 (30th June 2017 - Surrender licence)

St Vincents - 464.0375
                   - 466.025
                   - 465.3375

Milton / Ulladulla - 119.650 (AM mode)

Lismore - 120.450 (AM mode)

Dubbo - 488.275

Orange - 469.725

Morriset - 467.6375

Port Macquarie - 467.450
                          - 467.800

Albury / Wodonga - 160.300

Sydney Adventist - 487.250 (Wahroonga)
                              - 151.2375
                              - 480.650
                              - 486.375
                              - 486.8125

Auburn - 507.8375

Canterbury - 412.700

Port Kembla - 467.800 (Warrawang)

Gosford - 410.675

Royal North Shore - 119.650 (AM mode)

Westmead - 412.975
                 - 470.175
                 - 412.700

Westmead Childrens - 124.150 (AM mode)

Wollongong - 484.825
                    - 415.5375
                    - 415.4875
                    - 426.025
                   - 412.625

Katoomba - 413.100

Bankstown - 412.675

Mt Druitt - 413.075

Blacktown - 414.900

Nepean - 470.275

Coffs Harbour - 120.050 (AM mode)
                        - 470.625

Tamworth - 467.750
                 - 168.4125

Inverell - 168.4125

Glen Innes - 168.4125

Guyra - 168.4125

Narrabri - 168.4125

Moree - 168.4125

Manning Base - 472.475 (Taree)

Gloucester - 472.475

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*** Update - as mentioned in comments, most 410 - 415mhz frequencies are DMR, I'm still trying to work out how to program 396xt for DMR.. Any Help, much Appreciated..**************


Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Mark your calendars for this.

On Saturday July 1st 2017, a special trip will take place with a Clyde GM 4202 Diesel at the helm headed to Orange NSW. (pic below)

This magnificent beast of a train (I call them a Bull Nose Diesel) will leave Central Station at 7.25am.

Timetable (good to get photos)
Outbound Trip:
Sydney — dep 7.25am
Strathfield — 7.40am
Parramatta — 7.55am
Penrith — 8.20am
Springwood — 8.50am
Lithgow — 10.15am
Orange — arr 12.55pm
Return Trip:
Orange — dep 2.55pm
Lithgow — 5.45pm
Springwood — 7.20pm
Penrith — 7.45pm
Parramatta — 8.25pm
Strathfield — 8.40pm
Sydney — 8.55pm


I have a huge soft spot for these Diesels.
I used to live in Campbelltown NSW in the late 80s / early 90s, and used to catch this very engine for a 2 stop (Liverpool, Strathfield) trip to Central.
Having this huge engine up front is an experience in itself, the sheer raw power is amazing.
I remember we used to fly through Minto station in 3 seconds flat.
Having a father who worked on the railways, i once got to walk through the walkways between the 2 main engines inside this beast, my hair was literately standing on end
Love those days...

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Found on Facebook, nice photo of Polair 4 helicopter (make a nice computer wallpaper)

NEW FREQUENCIES (Military - Williamtown)

Hello and welcome back

New Frequencies from Radio Reference for Williamtown RAAF

All Frequencies are in FM

All frequencies go under - Air Command HQ - Exercise Only