Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hello and welcome back.... My morning was awash with the sound of Helicopters buzzing, if fact their was 2 of them. Both the same type of Helicopter.

They are McDonnell Douglas 500N type Helicopters, Rego No = VH-INY & VH-EPZ (may be more).

They are on loan by Endeavour Energy to check power lines in areas including Blue Mountains, South Coast, Sydney West, Hawkesbury (NSW to the Vic border).

These Helicopters are owned by Gunn Resources Pty Ltd according to

What makes these helicopters unique is the fact they don't have a tail rotor and sound similar to a washing machine or a strange vacuum cleaner (well, i think they do).


Chatter between 2 pilots on 123.450Mhz

Air Clearance - 135.100

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Endeavour Energy info

Images/video taken by Michael Bailey


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Might be quiet now but once the weather warms up, these guys and gals from Marine Rescue are flat out.

Volunteer Marine Rescue cover between Tweed Heads (North) to Bermagui in the South as shown below..

From their website =

Marine Rescue NSW is our State’s official volunteer marine rescue service, committed to our mission of saving lives on the water.

The State’s newest rescue service was established in July 2009 and officially took to the water on New Year’s Day in 2010, backed by our volunteers’ decades of experience in three former rescue organisations: the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association marine fleet.

Unlike most emergency services, we are not a Government agency but an independent not-for-profit organisation. We receive generous support from the NSW Government and the boating community of NSW through a levy on boat licence and registration fees.

MRNSW has more than 3,000 volunteers in 45 strategically-located units on the NSW coastline and inland on the Alpine Lakes in the Snowy Mountains and the Murray River at Moama.

Our members are our greatest strength. Recognized for their marine knowledge, courage and community service, they are dedicated to helping boaters stay safe on NSW waterways.

MRNSW is a Registered Training Organisation and our members are professionally trained to national standards for their roles, both on and off the water.

Marine Rescue NSW saves lives on the water through our key services
1. Swift, coordinated 24/7 emergency response
2. The State’s only Log On and vessel tracking service for recreational boaters
3. A marine radio safety net, monitoring traffic along the NSW coastline around the clock
4. Boating safety education, including boat and jet ski licence and marine radio courses for local boaters


Ch 16 VHF Marine radio = 156.800 (Distress, Safety and Calling)
Ch 88 (27mhz Radio) = 27.880

HF (Transmitts from Port Macquarie, Cottage Point (Hawkesbury river)
3.7055 - Cronulla
7.4055 - Cronulla

154.4125 - NSW Wide
154.450 = State Wide Simplex (ctcss 162.2)
154.575 = State Wide Simplex
154.625 = State Wide Simplex (ctcss 162.2)

156.575 - Various (Ch 15/71)
157.025 - NSW Wide (Ch 80)
161.450 - NSW Wide
161.550 - Various
164.650 - Bateman Bay, Barrenjoey (ctcss 162.2)
164.1875 - NSW Wide (ctcss 162.2)
165.025 - Maddens Plains
165.100 - Coffs, Bomaderry (ctcss 162.2)
168.300 - NSW Wide

461.80625 - Point Perpendicular 463.275 - Byron Bay


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Thanks to Marine Rescue NSW for photos, info, ect

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Just a quick post to let you know that the 'Air Rescue NSW' page has been updated... CLICK HERE to view

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Hello and welcome back... A few posts back i featured the shortwave schedules app. Now you can use a website if you don't want to use an app.

Called you can find out who's transmitting now and on what frequency.

There are 4 tabs across the top with drop down access which includes... Find Frequencies, Top 40 Frequencies, Whats on this Frequency and On Air Now.

Check it out at =

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Monday, July 11, 2016


Say no more...


Found on Facebook.... Someone loves their hobby..


Hello and welcome back... Bad accident at Faulconbridge, NSW. I heard the sirens and thought it must have been nasty... I was right.

Driver and a little one escaped injury with the road rail stopping the car from being crushed.

Photos courtesy of Facebook / Blue Mountains Gazette

AHHH, Thats Better... Up the right way

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What a beast of a radio....

Friday, July 1, 2016


Hello and welcome back.... Just for my readers, i have decided to release my NSW wide GRN ID base file for use in scanning Digital GRN... For Free.

This is NSW Wide database and includes every Digital GRN Base in NSW (including GPS positions) and has taken many hours of programming and tweaking by myself and ... it works, as this is the same file i use myself.

It is a Freescan file so if you follow the instructions below, it should work fine.
Please NOTE = Its aimed at Uniden 396xt/t and 996xt/t scanners (it may work with other models)

The NSW GRN file has NSW Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, Rural Fire and SES ID codes already programed for your convenience to display while scanning
NOTE = while i have decided to give away, for FREE :) this database which took me many hours/days/months to compile (including GPS positions). If you find it works for you and are really happy, please consider a 'Shout me a Coffee' in the right hand corner of this site, big or small.. It helps me alot..


Also after the file is in your radio, you may need to adjust brightness, key beeps, ect to your liking. 


Download Freescan software program from here = OR HERE (Using Dropbox File)

Once freescan is up and running, download my NSW GRN File from dropbox file =
You dont need to sign in, just click 'No Thanks- Continue without signing in' and then click 'Download' in the top right corner.
Save this file to desktop or downloads... somewhere you know where to look for it.

Open Freescan program and click on file (top left corner) and then select open. now search for your NSW GRN file you downloaded and click on it to open in the Freescan program, you now should have something like the pic below...

Where the blue highlighted bar says (P25S) GRN P25 DIGITAL click on the little + at the start .

It should now look like below...

You now have access to the NSW GRN base frequencies.... They are in red because they are locked out otherwise it will scan all of them, and well, that would take forever.

Now you need to select the base that is closest to you or a base that your traveling to... For demonstration i will unlock Bathurst GRN tower.

Scroll down to your preferred tower and click on the name (in my case this will be 'Bathurst') like below.

You can see that under the 'P25 Standard' bar it says Locked Out with a tick, click this to unlock.

You can now see in the list on the left side that your base or in my case 'Bathurst' is now in Black and has been unlocked as shown below...

You can now change the 'Hold' time, etc,  if you want for this Base.

PLEASE NOTE, i have selected that in my scanner, the GRN bank is Bank 2... please make sure before you upload to your scanner that bank 2 is blank.

Do this by going into your scanner menu and select whatever you have in bank 2 is deleted so it is a clean install.
I have found if you just write over the top and hope that it just changes by itself, it (the scanner) seems to get confused with new info being written over old info.

After you have unlocked the GRN Bases you want, plug your radio into your computer and hit the upload button in the freescan program.. see highlighted icon in pic below


AND you should see this window.. (below)

Click start upload and... Its done

Before closing the Freescan software after your finished be sure to save the unlocked bases and progam to your computer for future use..

Unplug scanner and press scan, if your close enough to the tower you should start to hear GRN in action including the User ID codes already programed into your radio.

If you are a first time user of the Freescan software program and are having trouble getting your scanner to talk to your computer... try doing this, sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation before it works.

In Freescan, along the top row click on 'Scanner', then 'Control Scanner'... A little window will open and click on 'Com Port Setup'... Making sure your scanner is turned on and plugged in, press the 'Start Auto' in the Autodetection area. Try unplugging and plugging in the radio OR restart the software and try the autodetect function again if it fails to detect your radio.

STILL HAVING PROBLEMS? ... Try this page =


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#NSW Radio & Communications

DISCLAIMER = This file is as is... meaning, i'm not a professional just a hobbyist who loves communications. As far as i know, there are no bugs, errors, etc. If you do find something i have overlooked, please don't start yelling or emailing in large font (yes, it happens)... Send me a nice email to  =             
and i shall endeavor to fix the error in due time.
Do not send me spam, its just rude....



Hello and welcome back.... From July 1st (today), regional areas of NSW will see their some TV shows change from WIN (9) to Capital (10) and vice versa.

It means if you used to watch a particular program, eg MASH on Win9 it may now be available on Capital10 instead of being on Win9.
Also if you find a particular show not turning up when they are supposed to, try re-scanning your TV / Device.

CHECK you program guide if your not sure.

News services are not affected.

Canberra, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Orange, Dubbo and South Coast. (also areas in Vic, Tasmania, Queensland and SA)

Changes to commercial arrangements between metropolitan and regional broadcasters, eg.. WIN9 changed to Southern Cross and Network10 is now WIN9.


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