Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Hello and welcome back... A reader was asking about Airband Terminology and what various codes are used in flight procedures...

Often when listening to Airband / Aircraft radio, some of the codes used can get a bit confusing, so i will attempt to clarify what various things mean...

Hopefully by the end, you will know what a PAX is and whether you can push them under a aircraft's wheels.

Keep checking through the week as i will add more info when i can get time...


APU - Air Turn Back = Go back to the airport. May be due to an illness or bad weather.

ACARS - Aircraft Communications Addressing System - Kinda like a messaging system so air and ground staff know whats happening with the aircraft.

CONFIG - Configuration or layout of the plane (seat layout)

CSM - Customer Service Manager = The poor bastard that cops all the shit when something goes wrong.

CX - Cancelled = Your flight has been Cancelled. You will now want to speak to the CSM

ETOPS - Extended Range Twin Engine Operations = Approval for aircraft with two engines to fly long distances over water.

FOD - Foreign Objects Debris = Bits and pieces found on the runway that can cause problems to aircraft when taking off or landing.

J - Business Class

Y - Economy Class

NOTAM - Notice to Airmen = Information for pilots regardless of gender.

PAX - Passengers

RNP - Required Navigational Performance = Its a really really good GPS system in the cockpit.

TOGA - Take Off, Go Around = Throttle setting that puts the plane in max power, often used when aborting landings due to weather, or a PAX (wearing a toga) on the runway.

UM - Unaccompanied Minor

WX - Weather


Photo = Mike Wyss

Thanks to Qantas for some of the info used ...


Friday, August 26, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Be listening to your radios this Sunday as a emergency training management host a mock plane crash at Barangaroo (Hickson Rd) Sydney. (9am - 2pm)

There will be 400 emergency personnel with 500 victims (that's a big plane crash) on the crash site 

GRN channels should be active with Special channels popping up that only happen in emergency's as well as other frequencies..
If you live in the city, be sure to use Closecall function to capture those special frequencies.

Check out the full story here = http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-26/fake-plane-crash-will-test-nsw-emergency-response/7781294?WT.ac=localnews_sydney

Should make for some interesting listening..

Friday, August 19, 2016


Hello and welcome back... A reader sent this in of a unusual antenna in the lower mountains...

To me it looks like an upside down hills hoist clothes line, maybe a homemade antenna. Wonder how well it picks up?

What do you think?


Hello and welcome back... Yesterday afternoon, Sydney's west and Blue Mountains was treated to an amazing site..

A flyover, very low by a 1966 Bell UH-1H Iroquois (Huey) (VH-UH1) registered to Pays Helicopters / Australian Native Landscapes (ex Heli-Aust) and is housed at Bankstown Airport)

It made my day...Love the Chop Chop sound :)

 Photo by a very excited Michael Bailey (Springwood NSW)

Rumor has it that its the same helicopter from the movie 'The Supremes?'

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Been noticing of late that the Freescan Software used for programing Uniden Scanners seems to be offline. The website seems to have shut down?

So while we wait for the site to return, i have decided to put a copy of the software so that its available to download...

I have put it on my dropbox account which you can access here - Click here to download Freescan Software

(many thanks to one of our readers)

Just click on the bottom bite that says 'No Thanks - Take me to the file' and then 'download'

There is another site that i have found (Soundforge / Andy Whittaker) who was asking money for the download, as far as i know the software was free, so this may be a scam

I hope the original site returns soon...

Pleeze.. Don't forget to shout me a coffee (see link top right corner).. Any amount big or small is much appreciated and it keeps this site happening :)

P.S i have updated the 2 downloads (GRN and Air Pack) of this link..