Thursday, December 22, 2016


Hello and Welcome Back...Well, Its that time of year again...

Just wanted to say a big 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' and Happy New Year to all readers of this site.

Hope Santa brings you your desired pressie, whatever it may be..

Stay safe and see you in 2017...

P.S .. I'm available to program your Uniden UBCD396 scanner...SEE HERE..


Hello and welcome back... This Boxing Day (Dec26th) will see a plethora of boats / Yachts hit Sydney Harbour in one of biggest events (kinda like Bathurst1000 but for boats)...
The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

You can listen to the boats all the way to Tasmania on Shortwave (USB)

FREQUENCIES  (Race Control Callsign = JBW)
4483Khz USB
6516Khz  USB
156.800 - Ch 16 (Distress, safety,calling)
157.050/161.650 - Ch21 (Tasmania weather, port opps)
157.075/161.675 - Ch81 (Tasmania Coastguard / rescue)
156.650 - Ch 13 (Sydney Harbour Control / Traffic)

Race starts 1pm

Coverage on 7 Network / ABC TV

LINKS (Boats, Sail No, Type) (Yacht Tracker)

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#Sydney Hobart Frequencies

Friday, December 16, 2016


Hello and welcome back... I'll be the first to admit... I live in the past.

Growing up, i started to get into scanners / radios around when i was 15 (1985).
I used to love reading the radio magazines that were out at that time as well, not to mention the Dick Smith and Tandy Electronic Catalogs (they were kinda like a thick magazine)..**Still Do :)

The various Australian Magazines around the late 80s / early 90s included
CB Action
Amateur Radio Action
Radio & Communications (after CB Action & Amateur Radio Action magazines merged)
Radio Mag (follow from R&C magazine??)
Silicon Chip (still going)
Critical Comms (also still going)
Electronics Australia
73 for Radio Amateurs
Listening In??

Did i miss any?? Please comment in the 'Comments' section below

It was the magazine 'Radio and Communications' that led me to create this site, kinda an electronic version of it, so to speak..Except the Radio and Communications magazine had 2 good things going for it..
Its authors/writers

Two really good writers come to mind that were brilliant & passionate about their hobby and made it one of my fav magazines.
Russell Bryant and Bob Bell.
Russell wrote the Scanning Secrets (among others) column while Bob wrote all thing aircraft (On the Airbands), etc, etc...
Sadly Bob is no longer with us.

I really miss that magazine...

Some Overseas magazines included
Monitoring Times (U.S)
Popular Communications (U.S)
Spectrum Monitor (still going) ** Excellent Magazine
CQ Amateur Radio (U.S) (still going)
CQ VHF Radio
National Communications (U.S) (still going??)
Radio User (U.K) (Inc Short Wave Magazine & Radio Active) (still going) ** Excellent magazine
Practical Wireless (U.K) (still going)
RadCom (U.K) (still going)

So why am i writing this?

Because there is an amazing site called '' that has catalogued various magazines from 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, etc,etc.. In Full (pdf format)..

I have downloaded a few and are now reading on my iPad :)

Some of my favs are = Popular Communications Magazine (1982-2003) CLICK HERE
                                     Monitoring Times (1982 - 1999) CLICK HERE
                                     Communications World (1973 - 1981) CLICK HERE

Or, you can check out all of them HERE

Sure there not the latest but an enjoyable read, non the less.

Now, when your bored over the Christmas/New Year holidays, download some magazines and remember the good times :)

 Today, the magazine is, i think.. nearly at its end which is sad, in paper form. On the plus side, you can download magazines cheaper and read them on the go.. IPad, EReader, etc, etc


****** If anyone has any 'Radio and Communications' magazines' like the ones below they want to get rid of, please contact me at the following email -
I used to read these magazine religiously but over the years of moving, i lost them...
Many Thanks *******************


#CB Action

Huge 'Thank You' to American Radio History for an incredible site...


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Currently moored at Sydney Harbour is one of the largest ships in the world.. The Voyager of the Seas.

The Voyager of the Seas is operated by Royal Caribbean International (RCI).

In 1999, the Voyager of the Seas cruise ship was the Largest in the world only to be overtaken by her sister 'Explorer of the Seas'

In October 2014, Voyager of the Seas underwent a $80million refurbishment while in dry-dock. Upgrades included an Outdoor Movie Screen, Surf Simulator, various restaurants and Ship Wide WI-FI.

Voyager of the Sea is due to depart 20th Dec to the South Pacific.

Callsign - C6SE5
Weight - 138,194 GT (Gross Ton)
Length - 1,020Ft
Max Beam - 157.5 ft
Top Speed - 43.9km/h (22knots)
Passengers - Nearly 4000
Crew - 1200
Decks - 15
Pools - 10 (including spa, whirlpools, etc)
Includes - Rock Climbing Wall, Ice Skating Rink, FlowRider Surf Simulator, Mini Golf Course, Japanese Restaurant, Wedding Chapel and Video Arcade (you would find me here)

Casino - 467.800
Ch1 - 467.750 (repeater - 457.525)
Ch2 Bridge - 467.775 (repeater - 457.550)
Ch3 - 467.800 (repeater - 457.575)




NOTES - My dad is sailing on this cruise, the only thing he noted was that everything on this boat is in American dollars.
The Australian dollar is not very good at the moment against the American dollar so i hope he has deep pockets...
Other than that, he is looking forward to his holiday :)

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#VoyagerOf TheSeas
#Voyager of the Seas

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hello and welcome back... A vintage look at Component parts used in a Circuit Diagram.

To read... tap on page, then when opened in new window, right click "View Image".. Tap again to zoom and read..


Hello and welcome back... Going back to early 80s (81-83) was this beast from Epson.

The HX-20 was basically the first laptop going on sale in 1983.. Came with 16Kbytes of RAM, expandable to 32Kbytes.

How times have changed.

To read... tap on page, then when opened in new window, right click "View Image".. Tap again to zoom and read..

#Epson HX-20


Hello and welcome back... Going back to around mid 1990's when things were a bit different.

I had the AOR1000, Similar to the Camnis you see above, same price too.
Bloody good radio :)

Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello and welcome back... A new $276 million rail operations center is to be built at Green Square (Alexandria) NSW.

It is set to become a major rail nerve centre connecting Drivers, Maintenance, Emergency, & Management while giving customers up to date information about delays or problems they may experience.

The new centre will be 5 stories high with provision for a Fire Station included.

I reported back a while ago that State Rail comms were to go Digital (SEE HERE) with frequencies in the 1.8ghz range. All around i have seen little flat panel antennas put in place around rail corridors which is part of the new upgrade

The new centre is due to open in 2018

For current Rail Frequencies Click Here (updated 02/12/2016)



Hello and welcome back... Found this interesting.

My dad was a Train Driver, started out as a Fireman on Steam Trains (shoveling coal), then made it to driver for Diesels and eventually Electrics around the City Circle (and suburbs)

He is a nervous wreak..

He smokes a pack a day of cigarettes to try and keep his nerves at bay and has had a failed marriage.

His fatality count was around 8. (he doesn't talk about it) so its what i remember.

He is now retired, but is still scarred by experience.

Next time you travel by train, have a think about the person driving the train, who probably got up at 2am to start their shift, has to put up with near misses, rocks being thrown at the train, people spitting and yelling at them and the nightmares that continue long after their shift finishes..

That was never in the job description...