Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Interesting piece of news for shortwave lovers.

It all starts between midnight and-1am with a rendition of Bethhoven's piano Sonata No8, then a female voice reads messages including various numbers, pages and other tid bits of info
(eg - Number 69 on page 823... I'm giving review works in elementary information  technology lessons of the remote education university for number 27 expedition agents).. all very interesting.

Then a different song plays and then a different message will start (maybe a song is for a particular agent and then the message that follows if for that agent?)

I find this sort of stuff fascinating and if you have a good shortwave radio, you should be able to pick this up (North Korea) is just above us.. sorta kinda.


3250Khz (3.25Mhz)
3320Khz (3.32Mhz)
6400Khz (6.40Mhz)

Station 3250Khz outputs 100KW
Station 3320Khz outputs 50KW
Station 6400Khz outputs 50KW

This 'Numbers' station was shut down in year 2000 but with the shit storm between North Korea and the rest of the world, the messages have started again.

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