Friday, June 23, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Got a chance to catch up with Rob Eade, a Vietnam Veteran, his faithful companion 'Ginge' and a wicked looking trike.

Rob Eade is on a quest... To commemorate fallen Australian war veterans around Australia on a wicked looking 3 wheeled trike.

Starting in W.A, Rob is placing a flag at the birthplace of everyone who has lost their lives through the Vietnam War and further on. Placing almost 600 flags around Australia is no mean feat so joining him on his journey is his faithful companion - a red healer named Ginger (aka 'Bitch') (pic below)

Rob Eade's trip is self funded, he sold everything he owned after being inspired by an 21yo American veteran Mike Ehredt who ran (yes ran) across the USA placing flags to honour fallen soldiers.

The trike is custom made and is fitted out with a 80ch UHF CB Radio for comms and a GPS.

Rob is currently headed up the North Coast of NSW, so if you see him out and about, stop and say 'HI'

Also if you can fit him out with a night's accommodation, give him a shout through the links below. I know he will greatly appreciate it. Must be Puppy Friendly as where his dog sleeps is where Rob sleeps even if its in a horse stable as has happened in the past. (Rob is currently in the Grafton area)




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