Friday, June 23, 2017


Hello and welcome back.. Interesting story.

Nothing to listen to on your scanner lately? Why not try to listen to the Planet Jupiter, playing all the hot hits...Well, Ok, not hot hits but you can listen to it.

Using a SDR setup (computer) and tuning into 22119khz (22.119mhz), the user of the video below was using a large Ukrainian Telescope installation consisting of an array of 2040 dipoles. While this is super effective you can still pick up the signal just using a standard dipole tuned to 20mhz.

The planet Jupiter is know to emit bursts of noise via natural 'radio lasers' powered partly by the planets moons. When Jupiter is high in the sky and the Earth passes through one of these radio lasers, the noise bursts can be received on Earth quiet easily with an appropriate antenna.

Give it a Go

LINKS (make your own receiver),_second_modification

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