Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Found this interesting.

My dad was a Train Driver, started out as a Fireman on Steam Trains (shoveling coal), then made it to driver for Diesels and eventually Electrics around the City Circle (and suburbs)

He is a nervous wreak..

He smokes a pack a day of cigarettes to try and keep his nerves at bay and has had a failed marriage.

His fatality count was around 8. (he doesn't talk about it) so its what i remember.

He is now retired, but is still scarred by experience.

Next time you travel by train, have a think about the person driving the train, who probably got up at 2am to start their shift, has to put up with near misses, rocks being thrown at the train, people spitting and yelling at them and the nightmares that continue long after their shift finishes..

That was never in the job description...

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