Friday, November 25, 2016


Hello and welcome back... The Uniden Bearcat BC895XLT was a 300ch desktop scanner, which in its time could scan 100ch a second.. That's pretty good, even in today's standard.

This beast was chunky, had 300chs (10 bank) of storage and sported 'Trunktracker' technology. (Motorola Type I, II, IIi Hybrid, Smartnet and Privacy Plus).. analogue only.

Released in 1997, other features include: LCD dimmer, S-indicator, channel lockout, count key, weather alert, autosort and ten priority channels.

The BC-895XLT even has built-in CTCSS decode.

Other claim to fame was the ability to update the scanners firmware (a serial port on the back of the scanner supported this function)


  • 29-54 in 5 khz steps
  • 137-174 in 5 khz steps
  • 108-137 in 12.5 khz steps
  • 137-144 in 5 khz steps (NOTE: AM mode reception in this band is not possible due to firmware limitations)
  • 216-225 in 5 khz steps
  • 225-400 in 5 khz steps
  • 400-512 in 12.5 khz steps
  • 806-956 in 12.5 khz steps 

With power off press and hold the MAN, 2, and 9 keys. Turn the radio on and release the keys after a few seconds.



NOTES = Cant really comment, never owned one of these radios. It looks the part, covers the spectrum really well and scan rate is amazing..

Would i buy one? ... Yes

Anyone else have any thoughts about this radio... Good / Bad

Comment below..


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