Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hello and welcome back... You know the feeling, you suddenly hear on the radio or TV that an aircraft is in trouble and its local... Time to fire up the scanner.

Around 4pm a Qantas A380 (QF1 / Qantas 1) Departed Sydney to Dubai.

About an hour into the flight a warning light on the dash started making itself known and the pilot decided to burn fuel before heading back to Sydney for a 'Autoland Touchdown requiring the whole length of the runway'

The problem was with a heater that takes hot air from the engine and is used to heat the cabin so everyone is warm and toasty.

I picked up the flight as it was headed south and listening to Approach (s, w) on 128.300Mhz

The plane (VH-OQI) landed safely around 7.15pm.


128.300 Approach ( S,W)
126.100 Director
120.500 Tower
GRN Id Code 10111 - Airport Fire

There was probably company channels active but i wasn't close enough to hear.

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#NSW Radio & Communications

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