Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hello and welcome back... I Love Air Shows...

The sights, smells (burning aviation fuel hmmm) and the pure speed and size of Aircraft on display and in the air.

If you live in the U.K, then you are very very lucky... Why?,
Because they have an Air Show that ..(wait for it)..

Lasts all week. That right. How wicked is that?

The Air Show at Farnborough airport (Hampshire) U.K goes from Monday thru to Sunday with the first four days mostly for trade customers and then the last 3 days are for the general public.
During this time, a whopping $74 billion changes hands.

Thankfully for us on the other side of the globe, someone thought it was a good idea to document this event and (god bless their cotton socks) put it on YouTube.

Some of these videos goes for a lip smacking 5 hours, its just like being there...

Videos include commentary and professional camera work

I'm in heaven, Enjoy

MONDAY  (Day One)







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Huge Thanks to Farnborough International Airshow for the videos, you guys rock...

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