Thursday, January 7, 2016


Aaaand, So Starts Another Year...

Hello and welcome back.... Going to start the year with a bit of a rant, OK, not a rant, more of a opinion.

I used to love Dick Smith Electronics, It was my go-to place whenever i had spare time / money.

I brought one of my most  fav radios from Dick Smith Electronics... The AOR1000, cost me a small fortune but WOW, what a radio.

I also used to buy from Dick Smith Electronics, things like, Frequency Registers (Home & Holiday), Antennas, Plugs, Shortwave Radios, UHF CB Radios, Hobby Kits, Headphones, Audio Cassettes, anything basically Electronic / Hobby orientated.

And then I stopped going there...


Over time, less and less stock was coming to shelves, instead of rows of products (that nobody else sold) they ended up with just one or two of things.

Dick Smith had sold out to Woolworths... and then the downward spiral began.

Great another bloody JB Hi-Fi or Big W (I was thinking), not that there's anything wrong with those stores but Dick Smith was different... It was for the Hobbyist or the Enthusiast.

(rant begins)
Blind Freddy could see that was a huge mistake, iv been saying it for years... sure Dick Smith probably made a few million from the deal, but seriously, if i started a company with my name attached to it, i'm dammed if i would sell it to make a few quick dollars... Its like a boat, if the boat starts sinking, look at ways to keep it afloat... If i fails then go down with your boat knowing that you tried and failed...
Am i pissed off??
Yes, i am... Prob because that's how i would do things, but that's just me.

Like Tandy Electronics, Dick Smith Electronics yearly catalog was more than just a Catalog, it was a place where dreams were made, new Technology was at your fingertips and budgets were stretched to afford that special something.

This week i read in the news that Dick Smith Electronics has gone into receivership, no crystal ball needed to see that coming.
I feel sorry for the staff that works at Dick Smith Electronics, retail is no easy meal ticket... Hours are long, customers are trying at times & the pay is shit.

The whole thing just upsets me, it stinks, They had everything you could want, all in one place. and now, soon, It Will Be Gone

 So, whats next?

Jaycar Electronics is the only one left standing...

I was reading Jaycar's yearly catalog recently and was stunned by the amount of goodness they have for sale. I'm talking about 548 pages of goodness... That's 7060 products at your fingertips (620 new products).
How cool is that?

So i am asking readers of this site, don't forget Jaycar Electronics... Next time you want a plug or a fuse or a radio or speakers or... you get the idea, flick through the Jaycar Electronics Catalog and help keep this special establishment alive because once its gone, its gone.

Rant Over.


Opinions made in this post are my own, they are whats in my head at this particular time. This is not a paid thing from Jaycar Electronics, its just my beliefs.

Thanks for reading

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