Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Hello and welcome back....... Living in the Blue Mountains has it advantages and disadvantages in regards to scanning and receiving frequencies, I live in Springwood NSW, and while the height is a advantage, the distance is not......That's where the Mobile One SCATX antenna comes into play. This incredible antenna pulls in distant frequency's with ease.

To explain how it works, I spoke to the master himself..... Peter Pride from Mobile One Antennas in Camden NSW. Peter designed this amazing antenna himself so he knows what he is talking about.

These antennas are made in the factory at Camden airport and are made for Australian conditions, They also come with a full 5 year warranty.

The SCATX works best on a ground plane environment, meaning in the center of a car roof or a flat part of a house roof.... Also always use a UHF base for optimum reception, but you can also mount them anywhere and they exceed just about any antenna I have used.

The SCATX covers 25mhz to 1.3ghz...... although I have personally used it on the Shortwave bands and it worked beautifully picking up Radio China on 15210khz and a Christian station (World Harvest Radio) on 11565khz which is based in Indiana, America (Both registered between 7-8 on the signal meter).

Also the SCATX has gain, something I look for when buying an antenna..... with the amount of frequencies floating around out there, you need all the help you can get. On UHF you get 5db gain, On VHF you get 2.14db gain and on the Airband, you get 1.5db gain

I have been using this antenna now for about 4 months after replacing my old antenna which was around 10 years old (seen better days). The first thing you notice is how clear every thing comes in, working as a home base antenna, I got my son to mount it in the middle of the outside awning with the new coax going inside to my rig..... I am currently using a Icom IC-PCR1000 communications receiver (computer controlled).....I must say, the SCATX is one of the best antennas I have tried, for a mere $47....Its money well spent.

For more Information give Peter at Mobile One a call on 02 46556677 or Email at = tech@mobileone.com.au

Visit their website = http://www.mobileone.com.au/antennas/m1antennas.html

Please let them know you saw it at scanradionsw.blogspot.com / radio communication nsw.

 Many thanks to Peter Pride for the photos & Diagrams used on this site and for the valuable information.

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