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Hello and welcome back.... There comes a time in one's life when its time to reset your scanner, I had to reset my Alinco recently after static nearly killed it but it took ages to find out how to reset the unit looking through the chunky handbook, so I decided to put them all in one place.... Here.

I will over time keep adding to this list and if you have a contribution please Email me at =

Reset Radio

ALINCO DJ-X3 handheld
Turn the power on while holding down the (FUNC/CENTRE) key, the (BANK/1M/10M) and the dial all at the same time. A pretty display will show for a few seconds and then it is reset.

UNIDEN  UBC355XLT desk/mobile
Press & hold L/O & PROG & turn radio on, screen will say clear - let go of buttons

UNIDEN  UBC93XLT handheld
Turn off the scanner
While holding down button 2, 9, and HOLD, turn on scanner, It takes about 3 seconds to initialize and CLEAR appears.

Hold down the button 2, 9 & MAN then turn on scanner, let go of buttons

Turn the power off, hold down the FUNC, MONI key and the dial knob and turn the power on.
Confirm that ALLRST is blinking
To reset all contents press and hold the dial knob for 2 seconds longer.

1 . Turn off your scanner
2 . hold down the following keys
3 .    2, 9, HOLD
4 . turn on while pressing these 3 buttons

More to come  :)

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