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Hello and welcome back..... I am often asked about Receiving (scanner) antennas and to which one is the best, often when you buy a new receiver, the antenna was just an afterthought, meaning you pay for the radio not the antenna... Yes it came with it, but its usually not that good.
A great example was when I brought a Alinco DJ-X3 wideband communications receiver and inside the box was a little grey bit of rubber that resembled an antenna, so I put it on my radio and waited and waited and waited.... Nothing.
So I connected a SMA to BNC adapter and hooked it up to my Mobile One SCATX scanner antenna (below) on my roof and ...WOW. The Radio came alive.

VHF lowband - NPWS = 77.700 was excellent... little static
Airband - Sydney radar  = 124.550 = clear
UHF - State Rail - 450.050 - clear with a little static
Marine band - marine rescue - 154.575 - very clear

These are some frequency's that I pick up in the first few seconds using this great, well built antenna.

Mobile One is an Australian company and make various antenna's for Australian conditions, they have been doing this since 1973.
Whether your after Handheld, Base or Mobile these antennas have stood the test of time, I should know, I have been using their antenna's since I started getting interested in radios when I was 16 (1986) (seems like yesterday)

Mobile One's prices are excellent because you can buy directly from the manufacture.... Yes, they make all their Antennas in their factory at Camden NSW, No cheap crap from China. (sorry China)

The range of Antenna's in mind boggling but is well set out on their website.... CLICK HERE

Mobile One makes and sells Antenna's for Mobile phone setups, CB Radio both 27mhz- 477mhz, Airband, Amateur radio, Marine, AM-FM Radio, Digital TV Antenna's and of course Radio Scanners.

Excellent Tip = The simplest way of putting a scanner antenna on a house is with the use of a magnet mount upside down on the guttering of the house

Give  Mobile One a call on 02-46556677        International = +61 246556677

Don't forget to tell em Radio Communications NSW sent you :)

Remember behind every great man is a great woman, as it is so with radios..... behind every great radio is a great antenna.... or so the song goes.

Many thanks to Peter Pride of Mobile One for use of their logo and photos (Antenna's)

Please contact me at =

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