Friday, August 24, 2012


Hello and welcome back.... I found this article from "Radio and Communications" magazine very interesting, Its a little old now but from my research I believe most frequencies are still in operation as most army field radios still do 1.6-29mhz & 20-59mhz, although digital encryption is now available.
This publication was printed in June 1997 by Bob Bell.(Many thanks)
Click on the page for a better view, then right click and select view image :)

I miss this magazine, Radio and Communications magazine was an excellent publication and was the replacement for CB Action magazine.

Remember, frequencies on this site are for listening pleasure only and not to be abused.
What may have been acceptable back in 1997 may not be now, sadly this is the world as we know it.

Happy Scanning.

REMEMBER.... if you have any frequencies to contribute please send them to


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