Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hello and welcome back to 2018..

Found this interesting... Its a video from the BStreetsmart website which talks about Fire & Rescue and SES involvement in motor vehicle accidents.

I know here in the Blue Mountains, NSW Fire and Rescue attend nearly all car Accidents along with NSW Ambulance service (and Police of course)
Other places in NSW may have VRA (Volunteer Rescue Association), Police Rescue, Rural Fire and Ambulance Rescue.

Interviewer is Jamie Wincup.

Task 1     471.3500  (tone - 218.1Hz)  
Task 2     471.5250  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 3     471.7000  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 4     471.7250  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 5     471.8500  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 6     425.2625  (tone - 218.1Hz)  
Task 7     425.2875  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 8     425.3625  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 9     425.5000  (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 10    425.5875 (tone - 218.1Hz)
Task 11    421.8750  (tone - 192.8)   
Task 12    421.9875  (tone - 192.8)

Keep these frequencies in your scanner. In my area they use 471.850 for comms when accessing the jaws of life. I live near a highway and a nasty corner which sees its fair share of accidents. The bad accidents see's the above frequency come to life.
Also may be used where the face masks are utilized

Its great to be back in 2018.
I want to try and focus on areas around NSW not yet covered and the frequencies in them.

I will also will be doing some behind the scenes housekeeping, so even know no new posts, i will still be doing bits to make this a great and informative site.

Sadly, Ive been having huge problems with my internet connection. Im still on ADSL (NBN has not come here yet) and have been copping dropouts to my service about every 5-10mins or if anyone picks up a phone. It is truly frustrating.
I am with Telstra and have an excellent tech who has been very patient and has virtually tried just about everything.
It started after a huge lighting bolt landed just in front of where i live, just on the other side of the highway.
Don't think anyone else has any problems as i seem to be the only one who has the Telstra van pull up outside
Nothing worse than writing a full post only for the internet to drop and i have to start all over again because it didn't save.
Fun Times Indeed.

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