Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Sad news for Train lovers as the 3801 Vintage Tour Company were evicted from their Eveleigh warehouse.

The 3801 vintage train company runs mostly Diesel locos, similar to the train i used to catch from Campbelltown to Central back in the late 80s / early 90s.

These beautiful bullet nose (that's what i call them) diesels were a hoot to catch. The sheer raw power of these beasts were amazing, often going thru Minto / Ingleburn railway stations in 3 seconds flat.
I used to sit in the first carriage so i could hear the diesel, powering up after leaving the few stops it had.
(if i was rich, i would have one of these locos in my back yard :))

The 3801 tour company was locked out of the site (they even changed the padlocks) all thanks to latest NSW Government using 'safety standards' as the main reason.

Hope the 3801 can get back on their feet and find somewhere new to locate so these amazing engines can see the light of day again.

Read the full story here

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