Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hello and welcome back... The start of Feb 2017 saw ABC Shortwave transmissions turned off.

With thanks from our Government and ABC boffins, they came to the conclusion that the shortwave service was outdated and 'Cost too Much'

Their solution was to shut off transmissions and direct customers to AM & FM broadcasts, Satellite services (what person living in the outback can afford that?) and online services (again, internet in this country is a joke)

The sad thing is its not just people living in the outback that relies on Shortwave services but those living in the Pacific inc Papua.

The thing that upsets me is that no-one thought to ask the people who rely on this service, not the Government or The ABC.

In the latest news, Senator Nick Xenophon was rallying to introduce legislation to force the ABC to turn on the transmitters and for the government to give the ABC more money..
Read Full Story Here

Another thing that bugs me about this... The crap on ABC... Honestly, how many channels / programs aimed towards kids / teenagers do you need...Its ridiculous, cut back on this stuff.
I have 4 kids who now and then watch the ABC but the thing is, they watch online not on the TV. Surely, its cheaper to put programs online than to transmit, cost savings right there.

Ive had my whinge, I'll go now...


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