Thursday, January 12, 2017


Hello and welcome back... The start of 2017 see's a new Rescue Helicopter service kick into action.

NSW Ambulance Helicopter (aka Rescue 21/22) currently run by CHC Helicopters (owned by Lloyd Helicopters) will have their lease expire in May 2017.
Its not all bad for CHC who has signed a 21 month contract with Aust Army for medical Evac (Search & Rescue - RAAF)

Seen below is the new service run by TOLL group

FREQUENCY = 128.950 (Toll Aviation)

All Rescue helicopters in NSW are to be twin engine Augusta Westland AW139.
Toll Group is set to have 8 helicopters to their name

There will be two regions = Southern and Northern

Northern region will be under under Westpac Rescue /Westpac Lifesaver (Lismore & Hunter are expected to merge) while Southern region will be under the new Toll Helicopters.

This is a 10 year lease for Toll Group

Helicopter Bases will be 24hours operation and situated at Bankstown, Orange, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Tamworth and Lismore.

The Base at Bankstown has been rebuilt and will provide extensive training in flying AgustaWestland helicopters (Authorized Training Center) while $2.3 million has been set aside for a new Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service aeromedical base at Belmont.

Westpac Rescue will lease 4 AW139s from Lease Corporation International (LCI / Libra Group)

I read in a news article (abc news) that winching capabilities on the new Toll Group Helicopters were not going to happen which is strange.
Pics of the new helicopter show winches fitted. (can anyone comment?)

No word yet on the fate of Careflight and Southcare (reports suggest that Southcare may close)

** Update - already spotted at Blackheath / Mt Vic, New Toll Rescue Helicopter (reg = VH-TJH) *** Pic from facebook



  1. 128.950 is the one of the official air chat frequencies, i think.

    1. Shows up as registered to Toll aviation (acma).. if anyone know of any other freq, pleeze let me know. thanks


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