Friday, September 16, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Found out about this by mistake...

I decided to reprogram my Uniden UBCD396XT Radio Scanner and make things a little more organized.

Upon programing GRN (Digital P25) into the radio i found that i was receiving towers from Kurrajong, & Gov Phillip Tower but not Glenbrook or Razorback (Picton).

Living in Springwood, NSW, my main tower is Glenbrook and wondering is the tower was not transmitting, i programmed in the control channel into another analogue radio and confirmed that it was, in fact.. still working.

Next step was to check settings and i noted that the two working channels had found its bandplan but the the two that was dead had no bandplan in place.

The bandplan is used to set parameters into the radio along with step frequencies as well.

You will find the bandplan in your Freescan setup. Once you load your setup, head the your GRN setup and click on the Base (or Tower), in my case its Glenbrook as a start.

There are 3 tables in front of you... Site Setup, Trunk Frequencies and APCO Band Plan. The APCO bandplan is what you want.

All your towers should have a Bandplan like the pic below.

If you try to enter the frequencies manually, the software will tell you that the 762mhz frequencies are out of band, just click OK. 

851.00625                       6.25
762.00625                       6.25
851.0125                         12.5
762.00625                       12.5
412.47500                       6.25
420.00000                       6.25

After setting the bandplan, I then plugged my radio into an outdoor antenna and Bingo..Glenbrook was now working (also did the same to Razorback and it too started to work)

So, if you are programming your radio and wondering why its not picking anything up... Check the bandplan.
Normally, it programs the bandplan automatically (as it did for Gov Phillip Tower & Kurrajong) but failed to do Glenbrook & Razoback.

Hope this Helps

NOTE = I have updated the 'How to setup GRN page  :)


  1. Thanks Michael. Yeah I had the same issue with my mine. Kurrojong but no Glenbrook. I will do this update.

  2. The nubers for the Motorola UHF CC band plan are 1) 413.100 12.5 723 2) 415.000 12.5 748 3) 415.575 12.5 380


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