Friday, June 10, 2016


Hello and welcome back.... Sad news with the death of radio communications guru 'Robert (Bob) Bell'.

Bob and partner in crime 'Russell Bryant' was the face of Australian magazines 'CB Action' and 'Radio and Communications magazine' in the 80s & 90s.
He was also a regular writer for Australian Aviation Magazine.

Radio and Communications magazine was the reason why i started this website. I wanted to create a website that followed a similar format of all thing radio inc frequencies.

I have spoken to Bob (while briefly) a while ago but never got the chance to meet him in person.
His dedication and passion for all things Radio (inc Scanners) and Photography (mostly Trains and Ships) showed in his work including several books published by Bob on Aircraft Monitoring which i still own today and also the website which i visit daily.

Bob died of a heart attack yesterday.

RIP Bob (Robert) Bell
(The scanning scene just got a bit quieter...

#Bob Bell


  1. Sad to Hear, knew him personally..Vale Bob Bell..from Jeff Vk2cbf

  2. Very sad to loose Bob, he was great for the hobby and will be greatly missed. Greg VK4VBU

  3. I didn't know him (being a total noob) but you might be interested in this.

  4. Very sad news, I loved reading his articles and columns.


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