Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello and welcome back.... Bit of a story to this one..

I would love this in my backyard but i don't think my neighbors would be very happy...

This tower is situated at Wentworth Falls NSW (Boddington Hill).

Many moons ago i worked at Katoomba doing delivery's and installs (TVs etc) and when i was in the neighborhood, i would park right under this tower and have lunch. You could walk right underneath this beast at one time and marvel at the huge guy ropes that held this tower in place.
By striking the base guy rope you could watch the ripple effect go all the way back to the top of the tower... well, it was interesting to me... haha
Sadly, after a while you had to leave because the RF energy would give you a wicked headache.
But it was fun. (and an amazing view)
This site is now gated off, haven't been back in years... fun while it lasted.

#Wentworth Falls
#Boddington Hill

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