Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... Back-burning has commenced over the past few weeks in the lead up to this years fire season.

I had one of these back-burns last weekend in Faulconbridge which is roughly a suburb away from me. Apart from the usual firetrucks and personnel to maintain the fires progress, we were joined by RFS Helicopter 'Helitac 201',. and at times Helitac 270

The helicopters used Springwood Country Club (golf course) to refill from the spring fed dam near hole 9. (good place to get photos :))


GRN (RFS Blue Mountains) = talk id 10037
Fireground 6 = 161.0375

I managed to get a few photos of Helitac 201 (see below), love this helicopter, such a amazing bird to watch.
Well done to the pilots who fly these incredible aircraft, starting around 8am and flying until 5pm, only stopping for fuel breaks....



#Helitac 201

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