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Hello and welcome back.... Found this really handy.

The other night, i wanted to listen to my scanner in bed. The problem is, i have a short UHF antenna attached to my Uniden UBCD396xt for GRN. You see, moving around the house, the radio often drops out and i lose channels, by the time the radio get signal, the info has gone....This also happens when strong wind is around.
By hooking my radio up the the main outside antenna this solves the problem of the dropouts.


You can listen and control your Uniden UBCD396xt on your I-Device (IPad, IPhone and Ipod) thru your wireless connection in your home / office


You need 3 things for this to work

1.Your Scanner connected to you computer running Freescan

2. Download the program 'Freescan for IOS' from the app store

3. Download and run program 'Scannercast'. This takes care of the audio side of things.


1. Firstly, plug you scanner into your computer and run the Freescan software program (if you don't have CLICK HERE )

** NOTE = Make sure you run the Freescan program as administrator. (right click program and choose 'run as administrator') or the program wont work properly later

Open Virtual Control

(Note = there is an option for 'Speech Synthesized tags' this is where the scanner / program reads out what channel the scanner is stopped on... its a bit hit and miss. You may want to go in and change some of your more popular ID Tags to something more simple otherwise its sounds like gibberish)

Click on Remote Control

Click Setup

Take note of the port No, you will need to enter this into the IOS app to gain access to your scanner.
The default port is 1300

 Now click on USERS
You can have the abillity to allow anyone or select certain users with a username and password (good for the office).

Then go back to Configuration & Control tab (see pic above) and click on "Start Server"... it should look like the pic below
If you get an error, it means that you did not run as administrator. Restart Freescan as Administrator (right click on program and select 'run as administrator')
Make a note of what address the program is 'Listening' on... If you look at the pic above its
you will need to input this into the IOS app later

You will now have to go into your firewall settings and let the audio through...

Go to control panel in your computer and click firewall  (see pic below)

Click 'Advance Settings'

Click on 'Inbound Rules'

A new windows will now pop up (wizard) called 'Rule Type'
Click on the Port tab and select next (see below)

Next, type the port number, remember, mine was port 1300, this is the default port number and should be ok to use but you can choose another if you want (see below)

Click next
The next page is the 'Action' page
click on 'Allow this Connection', then click next
This is the 'Profile page'
Make sure all 3 are ticked and click next
this will be the 'Name' page
Give your connection a name such as 'Freescan' then press 'Finish'


I run my sound using a headphone to headphone lead from scanner into microphone in the computer.
Make sure the scanner is on about 5-7 volume.
plug one end into scanner and the other into the computer, you should now be able to hear your scanner through your computer speakers/headphones
(If you don't, check your soundcard setup and make sure input is set to microphone or 'Line In' is ticked)

Download the program Scannercast. CLICK HERE to download

Run software (should like like pic below)
Make a note of the server port, mine is 5700. (You will need this to set up IOS app)
Make sure sound input is selected to your input (mine is microphone)
Check bit rate (mine is set to highest - 48k bits)... if you set too low it will sound watery
Also, check 'Audio Only'

Now, click on advanced (see below)
Here, you have the option to select stereo input and to have yours stations logged (you can click none if you want)

Now click on 'Start Broadcast'

1. Server Address (mine was you will find this in the freescan program in the remote control setup.
2. Port Number = (mine was port number 1300) you will find this also in the remote control part of freescan
3. Audio port Number (mine was 5700) you will find this is the 'Scannercast' software setup

Now that you have the 3 main bits that you need, lets fire it up

Next Download IOS Freescan app (cost 0.99)  CLICK HERE

When finished, open app

Should look similar to the pic below

1. Change the server name if you want

2. Enter Server address (mine is

3. Enter Port Number (mine was 1300)

4.User name and password only needed if you set this up in the Freescan remote settings earlier.

5. Audio enable, Select YES

6. Audio Port (mine is 5700)


THATS IT, Should be now working, their is a few second delay between the audio in computer to the App but thats just the processing part.

It takes a few seconds to act when you press a button on the app so be patient.

If you exit the program, next time you go into the app just click on New server 1 or whatever you named your setup.

NOTE... If you shut down your computer and go back the next day and it doesn't work, check that the server address hasn't changed.... mine was  before so make a note of that, the rest should stay the same.
If it has changed, when you start Freescan IOS App, just enter the new server address into the app before hitting 'Connect Now'

You can now listen and control your scanner around the house / office while connected to a outside antenna...

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