Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... If your like me, I love listening to Shortwave Radio, There's a real thrill in narrowing down a frequency half a world away and hearing as it happens.

A good setup is a must with a Longwire Antenna strung across your backyard.

My setup is a Icom IC-PCR1000 computer controlled radio using a Mobile One SCATX vertical antenna.
The antenna is rated for 25mhz - 1300mhz but for shortwave, it picks up really well, which surprised me.

With the current situation of war in different country's, The use of air, sea and ground forces all require communication. Most use Shortwave because of coverage... Many tanks (see below) have these huge antennas on them.. That's for Shortwave mostly around 5-25mhz and using Upper Sideband.


11.175 USB Air Force GHFS primary days
6.739 USB Air Force GHFS primary nights
4.725 USB Air Force GHFS
8.993 USB Air Force GHFS
9.014 USB Air Combat Command (ACC) ops.
11.243 USB STRATCOM primary days
6.761 USB STRATCOM primary nights
6.812 USB MYSTIC STAR primary AF-1/AF-2 SAMs
11.246 USB Air Force GHFS McClellan/MacDill AFB

13.201 USB Air Force GHFS (old SAC S-394)
13.215 USB Air Force GHS Andrews?MacDill AFB
13.244 USB Air Force GHFS
5.680 USB search & rescue all military
5.696 USB Primary USCG aviation (nights)
8.984 USB USCG (primary days) secondary nights
6.697 USB U.S. Navy HICOM
11.267 USB U.S. Navy HICOM
9.023 USB NORAD primary nights
13.241 USB STRATCOM (old SAC)

 3.113 USB STRATCOM Sierra 302
13.217 USB STRATCOM X-Ray 906
13.247 USB Mystic Star/Andrews AFB?STRATCOM
15.091 USB ACC (secondary) tactical ops.
3.369 USB STRATCOM Alpha Sierra
4.495 USB STRATCOM Sierra 304
4.721 USB Mystic Star/Andrews AFB
18.002 USB Air Force GHFS (discrete)
18.046 USB Air Force GHFS

5.020 USB STRATCOM Foxtrtot
17.972 USB STRATCOM (discrete)
17.975 USB Air Force GHFS
20.631 USB STRATCOM (old SAC Whiskey)
20.846 USB ACC tactical (old SAC Charlie Alpha)
8.872 USB Navy anti submarine warfare ops.
5.197 USB Air Mobility Command (AMC) ops.
18.027 USB AMC ops.
11.214 USB NORAD

10.194 USB NORAD
10.452 USB NORAD
11.441 USB NORAD
14.364 USB NORAD
20.855 USB NORAD
5.826 USB STRATCOM Papa 382

7.330 USB STRATCOM X-ray-Yankee
7.983 USB STRATCOM Foxtrot Charlie
8.101 USB STRATCOM Alpha Papa
9.057 USB STRATCOM Sierra 309
10.452 USB STRATCOM Oscar
6.735 USB NORAD Charlie Two
14.894 USB NORAD
20.855 USB NORAD
3.383 USB ACC

3.365 USB ACC
3.394 USB ACC
4.474 USB ACC
11.016 USB ACC
11.214 USB ACC
6.715 USB Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service
11.440 USB Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service
4.582 USB Civil Air Patrol (emergency and calling)
4.466 USB Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
4.627 USB CAP

5.700 USB ACC tactical ops.
3.023 USB search & rescue
4.416 USB Navy HICOM Pacific Fleet
8.711 USB ACC tactical
10.267 USB ACC
10.665 USB ACC
4.700 USB Navy Anti Submarine Warfare Pacific
4.702 USB Navy Anti Submarine Warfare Atlantic
5.446 USB USMC tactical nets
6.687 USB USMC special convoys

13.181 USB Navy HICOM Pacific
6.673 USB Hurricane Hunters primary nights
13.267 USB Hurricane Hunters primary days
5.562 USB Hurricane Hunters secondary nights
11.510 USB ACC
11.240 USB ACC
4.540 USB Royal Air Force
5.729 USB Royal Air Force
6.690 USB Royal Air Force
6.730 USB Royal Air Force

8.990 USB Royal Air Force
11.249 USB Canadian Air Force
6.746 USB Canadian Air Force
13.257 USB Canadian Air Force
5.800 USB ACC tactical/STRATCOM Whiskey 100
6.753 USB ACC tactical
8.964 USB ACC tactical (discrete)
11.627 USB ACC tactical
17.975 USB Air Force GHFS
15.041 USB STRATCOM (old SAC Mike channel)
23.419 USB STRATCOM/NORAD intercommunications

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