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Hello and welcome back..... Just thought I would share with you "how to Program a UBCD36XT for ID Talkgroups"

So, what is a ID Talkgroup?

When you are listening to GRN on you scanner you will notice that a set of numbers flash across the screen, this is know as the "Talk ID" and identifies the user of the conversation, eg = 10301 is NSW Ambulance MRU (Air Ambulance Rescue)
To create a Talkgroup is to bunch a series of Talk ID's into one bank or folder....
Then when you are scanning GRN and the scanner is in ID Search mode (all ID's ) you will be able to switch to ID Scan (only the IDs you have entered into the 'talkgroup" or Bank)

To switch between ID Search and ID Scan - press the function button while scanning GRN and quickly press the SCAN button while the little 'F'(function) is displayed in top left corner.... ID Scan will show and will start to scan only those in your Talkgroup.

How do you program ID Codes into the scanner's Talkgroup?

Using Freescan just go to the GRN Folder you have created and start another folder using the "New Group" tab (top middle)... see pics below

Here you see my P25 GRN SITE main site, in that main site are 2 groups.. one called GLENBROOK DIG P25 and the other TGID group 1.
The TGID group 1 folder is where you put your saved ID codes while the GLENBROOK DIG P25 folder is where the "Control Frequencies" are programed that make it all work....

Here is where I clicked "New Group " tab and it automatically names itself  TGID group 1.... See where the green plus button is, and just below that is TGID.... that is where you enter your saved IDs that will go into your Talkgroup.

These are my codes that I have entered into my Talkgroup, so that when I am in ID SCAN mode on my scanner (The GRN part), it will only scan these IDs codes.


If you don't have a computer  and want to enter in to your scanner manually =

FOLLOW THESE STEPS  (Thanks to ozscan )

Hope this helps....

**** UPDATE ***** Download NSW GRN Database for free here =

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