Thursday, October 17, 2013


On the 17/10/2013, Around 2pm, a bushfire started in Springwood / Winmalee NSW by a falling powerline in strong winds, What was to follow would lead to 193 homes lost with 109 damaged and 2100 hectares burnt.

A massive effort from local Brigades, Interstate brigades and water bombing aircraft has seen the fires contained but still burning.
3 days later, and its still going, baring in mind, its only Spring, Summer has yet to arrive.
A fire further up the mountain is still burning out of control and with conditions worsening on the weekend, Its not over by a long shot

At the same time as all this started, I was heading to pick up my kids from school from the Winmalee area....That was clearly not going to happen, as I listened to Fireground chs on my Scanner (Radio Receiver), I could hear that the fire had now crossed the road a few meters in front of me... and the call went out as houses were being lost, all this in about 10 - 15mins.
Thankfully, relatives picked up my children on the other side of the fire and take them to safety, I was not to see them till later the next day...
Mobile phones / internet were choked, people on the side of the road were panicking and upset as no one knew what was happening, I knew because I had my Scanner (Radio Receiver) in the car with me and could hear what was happening..
Even the Rural Fire website crashed, down for hours as concerned people were seeking information on what was happening


Scanners have had a bad rap over the years as some sort of listening device that is illegal because you are "listening in" to other peoples conversions...

This is not the case... It is perfectly legal as long as you follow a few rules... SEE HERE  

Certain people in government would like to see them banned as everything changes to Digital / Encrypted to try and stop eavesdropping (In my opinion)

I see Scanners (Radio Receivers), Not only as a exciting hobby but as a Life Saving Device...
Because you are able to hear whats happening, as it happens, not 15 -20 mins later on Facebook / Twitter, News etc
You can buy Scanners (Radio Receivers) from Andrews Communications or Dick Smith

So as you are waiting for updates on Social Media etc and the power/phone goes out, a Scanner (Radio Receiver) is a great investment and can be a LIFE SAVING TOOL.



Fire Helicopter - 118.750mhz
Fireground 9 - 161.1875 MHz
Fire Main Ch - 462.2537 MHz  (Springwood / Winmalee area)


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