Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello and welcome back........ Not only am I a huge Aviation fan, I also am a huge Rail fan. In my younger days I used to catch a train home from Strathfield to Campbelltown NSW.
My choice was catch the electric train straight away or wait 30mins and catch a EMD? Diesel that would fly through stations at 3 seconds flat
I chose the Diesel, the best part was I often went into the second cab (engine) where the guard used to sit, but now the guard was required to sit with the driver thus leaving the second engine empty. Not sure if you were allowed (would not dare touch anything) but the sound was electrifying, something I will never forget.

This video is a similar train that I used to catch (EMD)- I used to nickname them a bullnose diesel because of the light in the middle.
Make sure you click 720p and change to fullscreen, the sound is incredable. Massive thanks to Rod Williams for the video.

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