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Hello and welcome back..... Looking for a replacement antenna for your scanner can be a task in itself, but I think I found the answer, so I thought I would do a test to see how good it really is. Granted, there are more expensive Antenna's out there but what got my attention is value for money and its Australian made (Remember them?).
This antenna does not claim to be more effective than the stock antenna your scanner came with but I was more than impressed with certain results with the Mobile One Scanducky.


SCANNER = Alinco DJ-X3
LOCATION = Springwood NSW
ANTENNA = 1 x Uniden Bearcat Stock Antenna
                       1 x Mobile One Scanducky

VHF = 78.4375mhz

Stock antenna gets 1 bar signal.
Scanducky gets 2 Bars signal.

AIRBAND = 126.300mhz (Richmond ATIS)

Stock antenna gets 2 bars signal
Scanducky gets 4.5 bars signal (excellent result)

UHF = 468.850mhz (Police)

Stock antenna gets 1.5 bars signal
Scanducky gets 2.5 bars signal

FM RADIO = 107.700mhz (2GO Gosford)

Stock antenna gets 4 bars signal
Scanducky gets 5 bars signal (full)


On VHF, UHF & FM Radio Scanducky was slightly better than the standard antenna giving 1-2 bars more gain.
Aviation Enthusiasts rejoice as this antenna was excellent, signal was strong and clear.....This is one Antenna to add to your scanning kit.
This antenna is slightly larger than the stock antenna at 350mm (14") and is only $40 to buy.
Best of all your money stays in Australia not overseas.


Mobile One are situated at Camden Airport - ask for Peter Pride (He designed this Antenna)
or phone 02 4655 6677
For our International Friends call  +61.2.4655.6677
Or Email =

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