Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello and welcome back.... Aviation Mapper is a website that adds realism to your Aviation listening. This website is done in realtime so while you listen on your scanner you can also watch all the action on your computer.
 Its great to click on a aircraft and see Speed, Altitude and even a cockpit view, Yes, you can see what the pilot can see.

This site also has Acars so you can see messages on your screen as they happen. (right pic) and a tracker to see how many times an aircraft has tried to land. My brother and I watch a Qantas plane circle 10 times after a storm before coming in to land (passengers would have been dizzy)
You can also turn off these items by un-ticking the boxes on the top left hand side
Auto Balloons = Acars
Trails = tracking

To make this site work you will need the Google Earth Plugin = CLICK HERE (download this first)

CLICK HERE to go to Aviation Mapper and click on "Get Crackin"

If you find that your computer is running slowly, un-click Trails as this uses more CPU.

Tune into Airport frequencies and watch this site come alive..... Enjoy

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