Sunday, October 7, 2012

RF MAP (tower ID)

Hello and welcome back... Have you ever driven past a tower and wondered what all the antenna's are for ?....I HAVE.

Have you ever wondered what what frequencies come from that tower?....I HAVE

Wonder no more.

My brother put me onto this website as he is also into Radio Communications.
This website uses Google maps and plots antennas and the Frequencies that run from the antenna... Lots of hidden antenna's that you didn't even know existed.
I looked in my local area and I noticed an antenna on-top of the local library, by clicking on the red circle I can see that it supports council frequencies and also aircraft frequencies that I never knew existed.... Interesting.

 The website is at = RF MAPPER
You will be greeted by a pop up asking for what towers you want eg = Mobile coverage / Amateur radio operators or Everything else. Make sure you take the tick off "Show relevant tiles" otherwise it just looks confusing.
Choose "Everything else" and click the blue X on the top right side of the popup and wait a few seconds depending on your internet speed. Then find an area and away you go.

To get rid of the blue lines click the eye pic on the bottom left where it says "Point-to-point"

To make it easier to see  the map click the "Eye" icon on Nasa SRTM and also "Black"to turn off layering

And that's it, The red icons are the one's with the most info...Have fun

Massive thank you to for the use of photos from his website.

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