Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hello and welcome back... Continuing with what i listen to on my Radio Receiver (Scanner), we come to Bank 4 - Military Frequencies near me, mostly Richmond, Holsworthy & Williamtown.

*** Due to the sensitivity of today's environment, use these frequencies with respect, ie, don't go doing stupid things near Military Bases.. ScanRadioNSW takes no responsibility / liability for idiots that want to do the wrong thing. ***


CENTRE            119.700       
APPROACH      135.900       
FLIGHTWATCH    121.100       
TOWER            135.500       
SYD RADAR    124.550       
GROUND            128.250       
VEHICLES    121.650       
SEC APPROACH    133.050       
GROUND DOD    134.100       
RAAF            119.000       
DOD            411.575 - NFM   
RAAF HORNETS    43.975  - FM       
RADAR WEST    135.100       
MOVEMENTS    269.200 - AM       
APPROACH    363.800    - AM   
TOWER            243.000 - AM       
TOWER            257.300    - AM   
AOCS HF NET    897.400 - NFM       
SQAD 37            322.700    - AM   
SQAD 33            322.500    - AM   
RICCOM            261.700    - AM   
DOD            330.200    - AM   
USAF            274.500    - AM   
AIR TO AIR    123.450       
MANTA            392.450    - AM   
BLACKHAWKS    121.000       
Glenbrook Heli    118.050 


SYD RADAR    124.550       
RANGE CTL PRI    72.350 - FM       
RANGE CTL SEC    82.400 - FM       
CH47 GROUND?    394.900    - AM   
Blackhawks    121.000 


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hello and welcome back... With Christmas just around the corner, i thought i would take look at whats available in regards to current Radio Receivers from Uniden (Australia)


* UBC-355XLT

  • Desktop/in-car design
  • 300 channel memory (10 banks)
  • "Close Call" near-field RF capture technology
  • 8 pre-programmed service banks - and a private bank
  • Private/analogue/police/railroad/
    fire/ambulance/air/marine/UHF CB and AM CB, too!
  • 8 frequency banks
  • Band, Service and Close Call search programs
  • Lockout Search features allows skipping of continuous signals
  • Turbo search at 180 steps per second (5kHz step only)
  • Memory backup
  • Receives 25-88, 108-174, 400-520 and 806-956MHz bands
  • BNC socket fitted!
  • Includes approved AC power pack and DC plug & lead, too!
  • More Info 
My Thoughts = Not a bad radio, I owned one of these.. Basic, Easy to use, Receives really well.
The only bad thing i could say about this radio is that there is no Number keypad... which means when programing, its going to take a while.
Search for the frequency (unplug antenna) then program into private bank, then start searching for the next. and the next... Takes a good few hours to program.

* UBC-330CRS

  • A desktop scanning receiver and clock radio combination with large backlit LCD display!
  • Receives AM/FM broadcast bands and TV audio broadcast
  • 100 ch. programmable memory
  • Receives ANALOGUE police, airband, marine, railroad, UHF CB and AM CB (27MHz), etc.
  • Clock/alarm with snooze 
  • Channel/frequency lockout 
  • Channel memory scanning up
    to 60 channels per second
  • Priority channel
  • Airband search
  • Memory backup
  • Keypad touch tone
  • Low battery alert
  • Receives 531~1710kHz (AM
    BCB), 25~50.745MHz, 70~174 MHz and 400~512MHz bands
  • Accepts 3 x AA alkaline or carbon non-rechargeable batteries (NOT included!) for short-term power back-up.
    UBC-330CRS will NOT recharge any internally fitted batteries!
  • BNC socket fitted!
  • Includes  telescopic antenna (BNC plug), AM loop antenna and approved AC power pack!
  • More Info 

 My Thoughts = Basic unit, does AM/FM radio stations, TV Sound no longer works... also does 27Mhz CB radio (does anyone still use?)

* UBCD996T (No Longer Available from Uniden, but may get on EBay etc)

Designed and Engineered in Japan
Mobile Digital Scanner: Ideal for in-dash vehicle installations using DIN-E and ISO mounting
6000 Channel Memories
Trunktracker IV™ Operation: Follows unencrypted conversations on analogue Motorola, Motorola Astro 25 (APCO 25), EDACS, EDACS SCAT, and LTR trunked radio systems, including systems in VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz bands. The scanner can scan both conventional and trunked systems at the same time.
Dual Colour LCD and Keypad
Multi-Site Trunking
GPS Support#:
- Location Based Scanning
- Point of Interest (POI) Alert
- GPS Display Models
Frequency Range: 25 – 512 MHz, 764- 776 MHz, 794 – 806 MHz, 806 – 956 MHz, 1240 – 1300 MHz
Close Call™ RF Capture Technology
Pre-Programmed Service Searches*:
- Police (analogue)
- CB Radio
- UHF CB Radio
- Racing
- Marine
- TV Broadcast
- Railroad
- FM Broadcast
- Air
Alpha Tagging
100 Quick Keys
Temporary Lockout
PC Interface (Software Available via Download)
DCS / CTCSS Rapid Decode
External Jacks – ANT: BNC Type
Internal Speaker: 8ohm.1W
Max Search Speed: 140 Steps/sec
Operating Temperature: -20° - +60°c
Size of Unit (mm): 184mm(w) x 151mm(D) x 56mm(H)
Weight without battery: 1.6kg

My Thoughts = Possibly one on the best radios you can get, a mix of analogue and digital gives you the best of both worlds, desktop / mobile, optional head unit (Click Here) is still available from Uniden
(why don't Uniden still sell this radio?)


* UBCD-396XT

Compact DIGITAL / analogue scanner
  • Trunk Tracking Version IV
  • Receives 25-520, 758-960 and 1240-1300MHz (23cm) bands
  • 25,000 "dynamic" channels
  • "Close Call" near-field RF capture technology
  • Bandscope for panoramic displaying of in-band signals
  • Multicolour LCD backlighting
  • 8 service searches; Police, Marine, Railroad, Air, HF CB, UHF CB, Racing and FM BCB
  • 100 quick-select keys
  • DCS/CTCSS rapid decode
  • 10 search banks, too!
  • Temporary lockout system
  • Frequency steps from 5-100kHz
  • 500 (250) temporary + 250 permanent search lockouts
  • IF Exchange allows swapping to alternative IF frequency
  • Frequency/ID auto-store
  • Lockout Search features allows skipping of continuous signals
  • 16-character text tagging
  • Strong signal attenuator
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • PC programming and control
  • Memory backup
  • Battery save and battery level
  • Repeater reverse feature
  • SMA-F socket fitted.
  • Includes AC adaptor/charger
  • Includes SMA-M to BNC-F adaptor, too!

My Thoughts = This is an Exceptional radio, like the UBCD996 its a mix of analogue and digital, reception is amazing (use a base antenna for optimum results), i own one of these and it goes without saying..its the best radio receiver i have ever owned.
The only bad thing i could say is that its a bitch to program... forget what you know about programming scanners.. it took me about 4-6 months to get to know how to use this radio BUT the software program Freescan makes it heaps easy and i'm getting older... things don't sink it like it used to,
A 10/10 radio

* UBC126AT

  • 500 alpha-tagged channels in 10 banks
  • Receives 25~88, 108~174, 225~520 and 806~960MHz
  • "Close Call" near-field RF capture technology
  • Pre-programmed service search automatically detects Police, Marine, Ambulance, Racing, etc
  • Program search, chain search, and direct entry search
  • Memory channel scanning, etc.
  • 16-character text tagging
  • Key touch-tone
  • Backlit display
  • PC programmable
  • Memory backup
  • Low battery alert
  • Includes antenna, DC cigarette lighter lead, USB cable, AC adaptor, 2 x NiMH batteries, belt clip and wrist strap

    My Thoughts = Looks pretty good, analogue only, alpha tagging is excellent (add a name to your frequency so you know who it is), looks rugged, close call (search for frequencies that are close to your location), never actually seen one of these...

    * UBC93XLT

    The UBC93XLT handheld scanner has a full frequency display and offers 200 programmable memory channels. Australian version.

    It has 'Close Call RF Capture Technology' and it covers the 800MHz band.

    Frequency ranges received are 25-88, 108-174, 400-512 and 806-956 MHz. Priority scanning, etc.
    Includes AC charger and two NiMH batteries.

    My Thoughts = Ive owned one of these, rugged, receives well, easy to program, comes with rechargeable battery's (how good is that?)
    The only bad thing i could say about this radio is the tinny speaker but that's just me being picky.

    * UBC73XLT

    The new UBC73XLT handheld scanner has a full frequency display and 100 programmable memory channels - 7 bands. Featuring 'Close Call RF Capture Technology', this scanner automatically 'listens' for nearby or close transmissions and immediately tunes to that frequency. It has 10 search banks.
    Australian version.
    Receives 25-88, 108-174 and 400-512 MHz. Priority scanning, etc.
    Includes a dual-earpiece lead, cigarette lighter adaptor lead and Australian frequencies on a CD.

    My Thoughts = Its basically the same as the UBC93XLT (prev radio) but without 800/900Mhz band and no rechargeable batterys or power supply, i would spend the little extra and get the UBC93XLT

    * EZI30XLT

    This Mobile Radio Scanner comes with 213 user favourite channels.
    Programmable Channels,
    8 Pre-Programmed Service Banks,
    3 Instant Channels,
    210 Favourite Channels,
    7 Frequency Bands,
    Favourite Scan,
    Memory Back Up,
    Keypad Lock
    Frequency ranges received are 75-85MHz, 88-174MHz and 410-489MHz.
    The EZI30XLT has a Backlit LCD Display for easy viewing at night or in low light situations.
    The EZI30XLT is an extremely compact unit. The unit measures 53mm (W) x 2.8mm (D) x 106.8mm (H).
     - 1 x EZI30XLT Scanner
    - 1 x Antenna
    - 1 x Beltclip
    - 3 x AA Alkaline Batteries
    - 1 x Earphone
    - 1 x Owner's Manual

    My Thoughts = Basic radio receiver, picks up FM radio stations and Airband, compact, good for young kids, i have never seen one of these radios.

    ** WHERE TO BUY **

    In Sydney, Andrews Communications or Action Communications are my pick

    Andrews Communications
    Shop 8, 41-51 Bathurst St, Greystanes, NSW 2145
    Telephone: (02) 9636 9060, (02) 9688 4301, (02) 9896 8972

    Action Communications
    198-200 Great Western Highway, Kingswood NSW
  • Phone 02 47 322 788 or 1800 802 948

    NOTE = Action Communications only sells the Uniden UBCD-396XT Digital / Analogue radio Receiver.  (pic below)


    ** NOTE **  If any other retailer sells any of these radios, send me an email at and i will add you to this list.