Sunday, July 8, 2018


Hello and welcome back.... SO WHATS HAPPENING?

You may have noticed that over the past few weeks, the posts on this site have been getting less and less.

I started this site back in 2010 for a place on the internet where i could find frequencies and info if i needed to and be able to access them wherever i happened to be traveling to, thus this site was born.

Since then, i had a work accident which now stops me from traveling great distances and i am now pretty well home bound (aka don't get out much).

So, basically three reasons why i haven't been posting as much.

1. I have run out of thing to post about, 430 posts later, i think i have covered everything i set out to write about.

2. My mind is not in it anymore. With the current situation, i am fighting between constant pain from my injury's coming back to haunt me (broke pelvis in 4 places, Back problems, etc, etc) and the effects of various pain medications, screwing my head up with weeks of constant fog, lack of energy, lack of sleep, etc, etc

3. My only salvation = Music.  I want to concentrate on my music sites ( & ( and with my own music project, Dream Sequence.
Without music to turn to, i think i would have done something long time ago.

It is positively cruel when you go to bed at night knowing as soon as you wake up and your feet hit the floor, your day is filled with mind numbing pain and only gets worse as the day goes on, only to wake up the next day and start it over and over again.
Pain killers help but then the side effects kick in, etc etc = vicious cycle


This is not the end. I will still fix bit and pieces (updates) from time to time and who knows, once the weather warms up (winter is hell for me) i may get back into the drivers seat in the future.

Until Then.

Michael Bailey

P.S. will still be available to program radios as per this post (CLICK HERE) & (CLICK HERE) for now.

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