Friday, February 9, 2018


Hello and welcome back... Been reading about the PSMB radio network and what it means for scanner users.

What is PSMB?

PSMB (Public Safety Mobile Broadband) is a radio network that is currently being trialed in NSW after sitting on the shelf since 2009.

The radio network brings together Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Rural Fire, SES (and more?) all on to the one network where Voice, Data, Documents, Video & Photo can be shared using a broadband style radio network.

As you know, scanning mobile phone/broadband is an impossible task and will see monitoring of emergency services come to an end.

The main problem i see of this network is when, say, you take your phone or computer thats connected to your wi-fi at home outside and you notice that when the signal starts to waver, you end up with dropouts, errors, etc, etc
Is this system going to be the same. as the user moves away from the tower, the signal becomes weak and starts to play up?
I also read that the frequency was to be in the 700Mhz range?

That my understanding of it.

Anyone have any insight/information  on this network?

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  1. Hi Michael, the only way that this system can work is by using a 5G network, which as you know, will require a massive rollout of 5G antennas. And as we all know 5G frequencies are not good for humans.


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