Thursday, May 25, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Found this interesting.

O.K so its not radio related but its related to retail which sometimes sells radios??

Rostered On is a Youtube Video series about working in retail. Its very cleverly done, from scraps with management, co-workers and problem customers.

For me personally, i spent 20 years working in retail. From Bing Lee to Retravision, Betta Electrical, JB Hi Fi to Harvey Norma... Many mind bending hours spent listening to customers, putting up with management (some good, some bad) and playing with new toys.

This video series is bang on... Picture This - Many times your standing there in work uniform, with logo on the front, and the customer will ask 'Do you Work Here?'... Classic


LINKS Watch the rest of the series here

“Rostered On" is an independent Australian comedy show based around the day to day struggles of working for a faceless retail corporation known as “Electroworld”.

Shaun (Paul Moore, Winners and Losers, 7 network) hasn’t quite figured out what he wants to do in life. Instead, he has found himself on the wrong side of 30, working in a job he hates, dealing with painful customers, cliché co-workers, and taking orders from the ignorant.

Shot over two days, on a shoe string budget, this truly was a labor of love for the cast and crew, and we look forward to announcing details about the first season as it develops. Stay tuned!

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Produced by Robot Army


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