Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hello and welcome back... Due for release shortly (if not already)

Tecsun radios has a new radio due for release (website showing 10 in stock) and it looks impressive.

AM Radio DXing enthusiasts will love this radio, as this radio is designed for maximum performance on AM band.
The S-8800 also has FM, LW  and SW (inc USB & LSB) and sports lithium-ion batteries that are supplied with the radio.
A remote is also supplied.

FM - 76-108mhz
AM - 520 - 1710khz
SW - 1711 - 29999khz (29.9mhz)
LW - 100 - 519khz

Wish i had the money, would love to add this to my collection :)

Read more HERE


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