Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Hello and welcome back... Been noticing of late that the Freescan Software used for programing Uniden Scanners seems to be offline. The website seems to have shut down?

So while we wait for the site to return, i have decided to put a copy of the software so that its available to download...

I have put it on my dropbox account which you can access here - Click here to download Freescan Software

(many thanks to one of our readers)

Just click on the bottom bite that says 'No Thanks - Take me to the file' and then 'download'

There is another site that i have found (Soundforge / Andy Whittaker) who was asking money for the download, as far as i know the software was free, so this may be a scam

I hope the original site returns soon...

Pleeze.. Don't forget to shout me a coffee (see link top right corner).. Any amount big or small is much appreciated and it keeps this site happening :)

P.S i have updated the 2 downloads (GRN and Air Pack) of this link..

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  1. Thanks again Michael, I have just received my Uniden 396XT and it's a little beauty! Still getting the hang of it but I believe that is the fun of scanning.


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