Friday, July 1, 2016


Hello and welcome back.... Just for my readers, i have decided to release my NSW wide GRN ID base file for use in scanning Digital GRN... For Free.

This is NSW Wide database and includes every Digital GRN Base in NSW (including GPS positions) and has taken many hours of programming and tweaking by myself and ... it works, as this is the same file i use myself.

It is a Freescan file so if you follow the instructions below, it should work fine.
Please NOTE = Its aimed at Uniden 396xt/t and 996xt/t scanners (it may work with other models)

The NSW GRN file has NSW Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, Rural Fire and SES ID codes already programed for your convenience to display while scanning
NOTE = while i have decided to give away, for FREE :) this database which took me many hours/days/months to compile (including GPS positions). If you find it works for you and are really happy, please consider a 'Shout me a Coffee' in the right hand corner of this site, big or small.. It helps me alot..


Also after the file is in your radio, you may need to adjust brightness, key beeps, ect to your liking. 


Download Freescan software program from here = OR HERE (Using Dropbox File)

Once freescan is up and running, download my NSW GRN File from dropbox file =
You dont need to sign in, just click 'No Thanks- Continue without signing in' and then click 'Download' in the top right corner.
Save this file to desktop or downloads... somewhere you know where to look for it.

Open Freescan program and click on file (top left corner) and then select open. now search for your NSW GRN file you downloaded and click on it to open in the Freescan program, you now should have something like the pic below...

Where the blue highlighted bar says (P25S) GRN P25 DIGITAL click on the little + at the start .

It should now look like below...

You now have access to the NSW GRN base frequencies.... They are in red because they are locked out otherwise it will scan all of them, and well, that would take forever.

Now you need to select the base that is closest to you or a base that your traveling to... For demonstration i will unlock Bathurst GRN tower.

Scroll down to your preferred tower and click on the name (in my case this will be 'Bathurst') like below.

You can see that under the 'P25 Standard' bar it says Locked Out with a tick, click this to unlock.

You can now see in the list on the left side that your base or in my case 'Bathurst' is now in Black and has been unlocked as shown below...

You can now change the 'Hold' time, etc,  if you want for this Base.

PLEASE NOTE, i have selected that in my scanner, the GRN bank is Bank 2... please make sure before you upload to your scanner that bank 2 is blank.

Do this by going into your scanner menu and select whatever you have in bank 2 is deleted so it is a clean install.
I have found if you just write over the top and hope that it just changes by itself, it (the scanner) seems to get confused with new info being written over old info.

After you have unlocked the GRN Bases you want, plug your radio into your computer and hit the upload button in the freescan program.. see highlighted icon in pic below


AND you should see this window.. (below)

Click start upload and... Its done

Before closing the Freescan software after your finished be sure to save the unlocked bases and progam to your computer for future use..

Unplug scanner and press scan, if your close enough to the tower you should start to hear GRN in action including the User ID codes already programed into your radio.

If you are a first time user of the Freescan software program and are having trouble getting your scanner to talk to your computer... try doing this, sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation before it works.

In Freescan, along the top row click on 'Scanner', then 'Control Scanner'... A little window will open and click on 'Com Port Setup'... Making sure your scanner is turned on and plugged in, press the 'Start Auto' in the Autodetection area. Try unplugging and plugging in the radio OR restart the software and try the autodetect function again if it fails to detect your radio.

STILL HAVING PROBLEMS? ... Try this page =


#nsw grn
#NSW Radio & Communications

DISCLAIMER = This file is as is... meaning, i'm not a professional just a hobbyist who loves communications. As far as i know, there are no bugs, errors, etc. If you do find something i have overlooked, please don't start yelling or emailing in large font (yes, it happens)... Send me a nice email to  =             
and i shall endeavor to fix the error in due time.
Do not send me spam, its just rude....



  1. I'm going to try and program my GT3 II using this when it arrives. The software and your dropbox file worked just as described by the tutorial. I selected GL/BROOK tower to listen from Springwood, NSW. Is this the closest one? Will I need to upgrade my antenna? Much appreciated, thanks.

    1. Hi Chris
      The GT3 mk2 does not do GRN (the GT3 is analogue only which means that it can only pick up UHF CB, Marine, and other analogue UHF frequencies)
      The Glenbrook tower is used for Digital GRN and will require a radio that decodes digital, something like Uniden UBCD396XT.
      For information on GRN.. use this link =
      As fate would have it, i also have a GT3 and are awaiting a programming cable, as soon as i sort out the layout, i will post on this site.
      As for the Glenbrook site, yes that covers the digital GRN signal up to Lawson and down towards Blacktown.
      As for antenna, i use the Mobile One antennas, both for base and handheld.. (the supplied antenna is crap (on the uniden).
      The GT3 uses SMA Male connection, i would recommend a SMA Male to BNC adapter for better antenna selection.
      hope this helps.. Email me at if you need anything else.

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for the info on FreeScan, just a quick question. The sixpot software site seems to be down and I'm unable to download the software, would you happen to have a copy of the FreeScan program?

  3. Try this site Jack -

  4. Try this site Jack -

  5. Many thanks Chris! and please call me Justin, I find using my real name caused me to get a lot of spam emails but I always make an exception for this site :)

  6. I programmed by 396XT using this guide and file. It works great, but you need to make sure you have the correct USB1 cable driver installed (DL from Uniden site) otherwise Freescan won't be able to talk to your scanner. Also, I have found that doing the full scanner reset (hold,2,9 + on), then a complete fresh upload works much better. Takes a little longer, but worth it. I think Michael talks about this elsewhere on the site?

  7. Hi there and thanks for your time to put all this together - Ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure out P25 programming with my Uniden BCD325P2.
    Whilst Ive been able to upload particular GRN sites from your work, I cannot hear them? The signal indicator shows its picking something up, can see different TGIDs popping up but no audio...any tips?

    1. Hi Brazoo, just a reminder, if what you are trying to listen to is encrypted, you will not hear anything.
      Welcome to the site :)

    2. Not sure what it could be, as Jack said It could be encrypted or maybe a setting is out.
      The files are meant for the ubcd396 and other radios that are similar... its the same file that i have working in my radio so i'm more leaning towards a setting being out.. Anyone else know what it could be?

    3. Just thought of something... check that each site your listening to (eg, Glenbrook) has a band plan. If not it will produce no sound.. I did a post on this =
      hope this helps..

  8. Hi. Is there a version of free scan that runs on apple computers. I don't have access to a PC
    Ta Grant