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Hello and welcome back.... This looked interesting

An aircraft enthusiast overheard a transmission in Utah (U.S) that a American airlines plane was intercepting a unknown object in front of him. The enthusiast or Ham radio operator didn't get the chance to record the message, so using the freedom of information act, they requested a voice transcript of what he heard...

Me personally, i find this stuff fascinating...
Ive often wondered how authority's handle such cases... do they just fob it off, do they investigate or do they just put it away for another day.

Being an aircraft enthusiast myself, I've seen a few weird objects in the sky.
One October afternoon around 4pm, i went outside to my letterbox to get some freshly delivered junk mail and happened to look up to see a silver cigar shape object screaming across the sky flying from the west in an easterly direction.It then came to a sudden stop and while mid-air turned and shot off in a southerly direction at speed... no sound was made.
And no i wasn't drunk or on drugs, in fact there was another report from a guy in Wentworth Falls who manage to capture what i had seen. (see here)
The second one i saw, was, what i though was a helicopter. It was a hot night and i found myself outside looking at the stars. This brightish light was just hovering for around 20mins so i decided to get my video camera. No helicopter could hover that long (i was thinking) and looking at it through the camera lens, you could see that it was a disc shape craft with rotating lights around the center of the object. After around a few more mins it suddenly just shot upwards and disappeared a fine spec of light and then was gone.
I managed to get some decent pics which i sent to the local newspaper in case anyone else had seen it too.
Again i wasn't drunk or on drugs, i saw what i saw.
Whether it be a Military craft in test or something else, i wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
I have also seen one night, a black shaped triangle with 3 lights fly over my house one night with no sound but i'm certain this was military because it was headed towards the Richmond base direction and was fairly slow like it was making approach.

Enough of me rambling on... Any aircraft enthusiasts out there that have seen anything weird?

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