Thursday, November 26, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... Today is 9HD Day.

What does that mean?

Channel 9 is simulcasting its main TV channel in Full HD 1080i and is now known as 9HD.

The network is also beefing up other channels using Mpeg4 Compression including normal CH9, Go (now 9GO) and Gem (now 9GEM) and, wait for it.... a new ch called 9Life ( a new lifestyle channel replacing info ch Extra).

How do i get it?

You just need to rescan your TV by pressing 'Menu', then 'Setup, then 'Auto-Scan'...

The move by the Nine Network also looks at live online streaming as well called 9NOW (due 2016).
Just recently 7Seven Network started live online streaming from their Apple / Android? app 'Plus7' where you can watch Live TV on any device.

Lets hope ABC2 and SBS & 10 Network follows soon.


CH 90 = NINE HD (1080i)
      92 = 9GEM
      93 = 9GO
      94 = 9LIFE
      99 = 9GO

OK, go scan your TV....

NOTE = If you scan your TV and you don't get extra Chs, it means 2 things...

1. Your TV is too old and doesn't support 1080i format
2. Its not available in your area yet... Maybe Sydney only, not sure on Wollongong / Newcastle.


Will anyone shout me a coffee? :)

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