Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hello and welcome back.... Big News this week about the 2nd Airport in Sydney NSW. Situated at Badgerys Creek NSW (postcode 2555), Its going to be huge... Like 80 million passengers huge, that to rival JFK Airport.

Work is scheduled to start in 2016 (next year) and will be fully operational by mid 2020's, also it will require 100 million cubic metres of earth to be moved. (somewhere)

So where is Badgerys Creek NSW?
Badgerys Creek is located roughly Nth -Wst of Liverpool NSW, next to Kemps Creek and Austal. OR 51km West of Sydney.

2016 = Work Starts
2020's  = Stage One..  Single runway only (northeast/southwest direction) and serve as a buffer to Sydney Airport.
Domestic, International and Cargo will be supported
2050 = Stage 2.. 2 Runways (3.7km long - Parallel) will be operational.


NONE as yet (keep checking back)

MY OPINION (please don't hate me)


For Aviation enthusiasts (like me) this is going to be exciting.

New frequencies that will be available & closer to listen to (I live in the Blue Mountains), the main Sydney airport frequencies come in faint but at times ok (Yes, i have an outdoor antenna)... Bankstown is virtually non existent, Camden is ok and Richmond is not so bad so aviation lovers in Sydney's West are in for a treat.

Hopefully 'Airport Open Days or Tours' will be available. I can't travel much due to disability (Sydney is too far and painful)

Photography enthusiasts of aircraft will be happy (hopefully lower than the 5-10,00 feet they currently fly over western Sydney)

Aircraft are a lot quieter that they used to be 20-30 years ago and will only get better as time goes by.
Bio-fuels are alot cleaner as well, meaning clean air will be hopefully a thing for the future

Jobs are going to be plentiful, because not only is there going to be the airport, there is also going to be a huge shopping center and other industries.

People in Western Sydney won't have to travel for hours on Trains / Buses to get home from Holidays etc...
(It took me around 3.5 hours once to get from Sydney Airport to Home (Springwood) having to catch train, swap, Train, swap, wait 35mins, then Bus, when it took 1 hour to travel from Gold Coast to Sydney by Plane.


No Curfew - this is a bit worrying, residents in Sydney's south (Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool) and North (Penrith and surrounding suburbs) and maybe even West (Blue Mountains) will have low flying aircraft overhead 24hours a day, while, like mentioned above, aircraft today are alot quieter, they still make some noise...

Danger to smaller aircraft.... with 5 airports operating in the Sydney basin plus several helicopter bases, its going to get real busy in the sky's and the increased risk of accidents.

By the year 2050, Aircraft frequencies may have gone to Digital as everything else seems to be going that way.. making it harder to listen to my fav hobby.

BUT fear Not, its still going to be around 5-10 years before we see any impact.... For those who don't like aircraft, maybe time for a sea change?


     Stage 2 in the year 2050... that's a long way away (hope i live long enough to see it)
NOTE = Around the new airport are 4 'Detention Ponds'... Is this for naughty ducks?

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