Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hello and welcome back.... For those who don't know, TV channels are changing, after the cross over from Analogue to Digital in December 2013.

You will need to re-tune (or Restack) your TV and Set top Box (Both of them) to receive the extra channels....

There is no reason to buy anything, you just have to hit a few buttons on your remote and look for "Auto-tune"

Some Digital gear will pick up on the change and automatically do it for you... eg - "The system has detected changes, do you want to re-scan, Yes or No"
The channel No's will remain the same... Eg - Network 10 is on Ch1 (this will stay the same)

Viewers who rely on Satellite TV for various channels wont need to re-scan.

For Sydney and surrounds you will need to retune your TV and Set-Top Box..On or After Tuesday 18th March 2014.... (not before)
Regional areas may be different, check at  = http://retune.digitalready.gov.au/ and enter your address, the site will give you your date to scan.

A shuffling of the digital TV channels to free up a 126 MHz block of UHF spectrum around the 700 MHz range.
These frequencies are now earmarked for high-speed mobile broadband services and were sold off in last year's Digital Dividend spectrum auction, which raised just under $2 billion.
Telstra snapped up the bulk of the spectrum with Optus and TPG grabbing the rest.

Now it's time for the television broadcasters to vacate that spectrum, so some digital channels are moving up or down the dial to free up a block in the middle. About 1500 digital television channels are affected across the country, in most cases SBS but also the ABC and commercial stations in some areas.

Start by pressing the ''Menu'' button on the remote control and then look for the ''Set-up'' option in the onscreen menus.
An option such as ''Channels'' or ''Auto-tuning'' will let you scan for new channels, which takes several minutes.
Stations will retain the same channel number after the retune.

Watch video below :)

HOW TO RETUNE A DIGITAL TV  (Thanks to Gadget Coach for the video)

Your not alone
                                         (Thanks to Joe Smith for the video)





Many thanks to smh.com.au & Digital ready.gov.au for the info.

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