Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hello and welcome back......Thought I would share these with you :)

1 = Spotted this morning (10/12/2013), 2 Boeing 777s flying about 1000ft apart both with contra-trails and traveling at the same speed, looked impressive against a dark blue sky, not something you see every day, almost as if they were following each other...
Thanks to Jack Harrington for the info
Photo by Michael Bailey, Springwood, NSW

2 = Strange radar formation... A very strange radar formation of the coast of NSW between Hornsby and Newcastle.
It was suggested that it could have been an Aircraft dumping fuel or an UFO flushing a toilet...You be the judge.

The link (loop) that I had was from site - www.theweatherchaser.com but it seems to have crashed....Strange?
Loop address was -http://theweatherchaser.com/radar-loop/IDR043-newcastle/2013-06-11-01/2013-06-11-04 

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