Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello and welcome back..... Analogue TV in Sydney NSW is DEAD...

OK, not dead but switched off , as of 9am this morning, the analogue TV system in Sydney was given the flick.....

So why do I have a smile on my face?

Because the airwaves just got a little more quieter...

'Let me explain'

It now means I can scan from 30mhz to 70mhz with out transmission splatter from CH2 ABC sound broadcast (62.750mhz)... this was a huge problem (and a annoying one)

Whats on 30mhz - 70mhz = Military (Army is a big user of this band), Air force, DOD
                                              Old (really old) cordless phones, (yes, someone around my area has one)
                                              Baby monitors (around 40mhz)
                                              6-Meter Amateur radio band (50-54 mhz)
                                              Various company Chs (70mhz)
                                               Radio Control Toys (Cars, Planes)
                                              Tandy Electronic 2-ways (Kids Toys 55mhz)
                                              Older type Wireless Microphones/ Headsets(70mhz)
Did I miss anything??

Turn your scanner on and scan between 30 - 70mhz using 'Band Search' function.....you never know what you might pick up, now that it is a little more quiet on the airwaves..

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